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  1. April lost and found

    Maggie, the make up kit was short one, may have come off an NPC?
  2. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Requesting Druid 1 for Miriam Zeig. Details to follow in character blog posts, but the short story is she's spent a lot more time sleeping under trees than in beds in the last year. She often feels safer, or has what seems to be sudden insight or intuition while touching one.
  3. Best of September!

    "Can you take me to hear the music before I go?" Damned awesome timing on "amazing grace", Fish. <3 I am constantly surprised by just what parts of what plots effect characters.
  4. Best of August!

    Since we were shorthanded for NPCs on some shifts, I went out on more plots than usual. Things I learned: I'm a horrible troll. (But a better troll than I am an orc, and thanks Mike for putting up with "what do we hit for again?" a gajillion times) Sometimes it's all in your head and you're not really to tired to plot. (Dear "Bob" so sorry I kept you on that plot for so long and dear "SEEDan" and "Berry" sorry I kept you up so late.) Stilts are fun! (thanks Dan!) I'm not the best at merchanting. Skaven are big jerks! But sweet elf ladies give you money for baths and steaks! (GM on returning with Gaerwyn's money: "Way to take some coin out of the economy!") I still have a hard time playing a serious character. I wanted to laugh so hard while playing "Bragga" the boasty fighter who just had to have that other lady's man. Lastly: Rigid colodion is pretty much the magic liquid of all things makeupy! Scars, brands, wounds, and now we're gonna try it on golem things? Man it's just the best. I don't know where we'd be without rigid colodion, bruise wheels and blood paste! All told I had one of the best games I've ever had. Thank you everyone!
  5. Best of May 2015

    Random thoughts and remembrances: How do you tell an Earth Elemental from a brownie? ROCKS! "You want to be a horrible person?" "Can I do it as an elf? These ears took forever to put on." "Sure, so you're the companion of this High Fae..." Amanda, maybe we could bring back that Dryad again. "She's just.. really bad at being a Dryad." "That's perfect, because I have no idea how to be a Dryad!"
  6. Best of November 2014

    Oh my god, Maggie, ALL THE BLOOD! :D It's still in my nails! Great effect though, but that liquid spray blood was messy. I had an awesome time! So many scars, scabs, bruises and such! Finally got to do a "fall dryad" (We need more fall foliage! And winter things for winter dryads!), been talking about "seasonal dryads" since I showed up. Missed the gentle direction of Rachel for 3rd and 4th, but other than the large sprayer being a jerk nothing really went wrong! :D
  7. I'm hoping reading the forums will give me a better grasp of the feel of the world of Novitas and the people of Pindale. Some of you have already met me at Dag events or the couple Novitas events I've been to (I may have been the inept make-up person helping Rachel paint your face). I've had fun with it so far and may make a habit of attending.