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  1. Horsa's Pictures

    Photographs and art by Horsa the Lost
  2. Drop Front Trousers

    i have a pair of (iirc) Smoke&Fire natural (oatmeal) drop front canvas trousers. Size probably 34-36 waist with 32 inseam. Pewter buttons, and I have an extra set of buttons for attaching braces/suspenders. These have minor staining about the cuffs. I am rather more substantial than when I purchased these. They have been sitting in my closet for a decade or so. I am new to KoN so will trade for any good gear, armour, weapons etc. make me an offer.
  3. Advice on books

    Putting in a plug for an author I am surprised not to see here. David Gemmell if you like gritty, low magic, realistic fantasy his work may be just the ticket. His heroes are real people. The kind who sometimes think less than heroic thoughts like "Sod this, I just want to go home and see my kids, not fight in the rain for some uncaring lordling's."
  4. Hail and Well Met!

    greetings. Another Dave here. It is all Justin and Jenica's fault that I am here. Well actually it was Sam who sent me to Justin, who I knew because Jenica Horse has been my SCA name for over thirty years, and there is at least one well known Dave on the forums already, so to avoid confusion, I answer to Horsa just as readily as Dave. I am wicked jealous that you folks are getting to play in the woods this weekend while I am stuck home getting ready for Open Studio Tour. OK, I also found out about the event too late to attend anyway. I have been doing RPG GMing, acting, etc since high school. We won't talk about how long ago that is, suffice it to say my beard now has more salt than pepper. Not sure yet what to do for a PC, maybe I'll just become a professional NPC. Well, that should cover the obligatory introduction post. Now to fill out my profile a bit and all that stuff.