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  1. How long has it been (measured from present game time) since the kids from Maplewood got taken? I'm transcribing my IC diary into blogs, and I'm running into inconsistencies that stem from not having a clear timeline.
  2. Tales From the Freelands!

    Oooo thanks; I'll do that!
  3. Yo!

    Hi John! I know you! I dissected you! :D
  4. Ok, so I'm putting together my first PC, right? And her thing is she's going to be super enthusiastic about romantic exciting stories she's heard from the Freelands. She's romanticized it into this exciting awesome wonderful place where heroes are made and people are in peril but then they are rescued and there are terrible monsters and dashing heroes and strange and beautiful people of all description. I want to make her a collected pulp-novel style book of TALES FROM THE FREELANDS, and throw some bard songs or something in there for good measure. So what I need help with from you guys is stories! I know you guys all have super cool stories of awesome things your character did, or witnessed. I need the kind of stories that would have made their way out of Pinedale and into the more 'civilized' areas. It's ok if the stories aren't entirely accurate, or are a bit exaggerated! In fact, it would be cool if they are! They just have to be based off of real Pinedale residents. Also, I know there's bard PCs, right? Because it would be really fun for her to rock-star idolize bards, too. I'm reading blogs and stuff, but I definitely need to know if there are particular events that would have been kept a bit quiet, and also if there are events that would have been talked about a bunch. This book is essentially going to be a published pulp novel that my character bought, and then added additional stories and written ballads to herself. If you want to write up/have already written stories or songs that you want to share, that's awesome! If you just want to give me a quick synopsis of what happened, or point me towards a relevant blog, I can write up the story in EXCITING PULP NOVEL PROSE! Either way, I'll be super grateful for any help I can get with this project!
  5. Yo!

    Hi Maggie! I'm going to spend all day reading now kthanks! :P
  6. Lost and found: April 2015

    The drinking horn came home with Leon and me; we'll bring it next event.
  7. Best of April 2015

    LAUREN LAUREN LAUREN! I got to dissect people! it was super great So I got sent in as Professor Doloria, an absent-minded anatomist whose gruesome anatomical research got her exiled from first Civen, then the Great Forest. My goal was to obtain fresh bodies to dissect to further my research. My hypothosis is that humans are great, humans from Civen are the best, and everybody else is inferior. Sigfread was my sketchy 'subject' supplier and Maggie was my long-suffering assistant who kept track of literally everything because I was too focused on the SCIENCE to remember essentially anything else, including my own name. I was fully expecting Pinedale residents to be all "nah gtfo" and make with the stabby if we didn't get gone fast enough, but it was even better than that. LAUREN. I got volunteers. I got to straight up murder Flint and Sorien and cut them up in the name of SCIENCE and Sigfread totally surprised me by actually having the healing magic he said he had and brought them back to life. We made some remarkable discoveries together! (I also got sent in as a homewrecking tramp with whom a philandering jerk cheated on his shrill materialistic wife and spawned a brat in Amanda's super fun Maury plot, and one of a group of Angry Teens who wanted to burn down the sept because of reasons that seemed very logical to their Angry Teen brains. Geoffredo really took the wind out of our sails by being like "ok, yeah, let's burn down the sept! Let me get these candles...." and going along with it, which gave the other PCs the opportunity to reform us. Oh, and I beat up Kat! Like, a lot! Punched her face up real good, then wrecked my own. Makeup is really fun!)
  8. Yo!

    Hey all! Joanna W here. I've been to game a few times and a few of you know me from other stuff, but I finally got off my butt to make a forum account. Sooooo.......... hi! What internet things do I need to know? What forum stuff do I need to read? I want to get to know you crazy PCs beyond "that guy that's hitting me with a sword."