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  1. November Preproduction

    Crafting 3 pins of Diagnosis
  2. October Preproduction

    4 feather pins that cast diagnoses 1x game day
  3. Here and there, pieces of parchment are seen, left on tables and benches, held down by rocks. They read the same message; ”Welcome Maplewood’s newest Weaponsmith and Magic Artisan-Stone! She crafts and deals in the making, selling and buying of weapons, with a knack for making magical items that isn’t too shabby either! Stop by today and get your items appraised, your weapons upgraded, or just marvel at her many talents! She can be found in the bizarre!”
  4. September preproduction

    Ornamenting: 2 Rings Of +2 crafting points each 1Ring of +2 Production Points Total Coin Owed: Free (First Time) Total Crafting Points Used:12
  5. Best of May

    -Milestone! I was so wrapped up in the moment-real tears were produced! I balled my eyes out!! (Thanks Dave lol) -Thaerion exiting the Owl and Ore in tears and getting the biggest hug from Narene, and seeing the look on the nearby PC's faces -Ginger cookies!! -Going out as a Siren-all the blue!! -Being the sister to a labotomized Courtinie (who was very awesome-and kept a straight face the whole time!) -I am Valora! -The Poltergeist! Thaerion had to figure out a quick distraction for nearby PC's! -Being in the woods and watching different groups pass by-and occasionally joining them EVERYTHING (except the ticks)
  6. The Masked Players Company

    I (meaning Thae) shall brood and disapprove from afar. While I (meaning Laura) internally squee in happiness! :)
  7. Best of February

    Big big props to Connor for being a cranky poltergeist! It took soo much effort and time to convince him to move on!! And dodging the darts the whole time-phew! Just when I thought he was going to strike me down a mere few feet away...*poof* he accepted the Well and disappeared! Well played! Truth Dice was lots of fun (even if I highly distrust humans and call them out repeatedly ;) ) Being yelled at by Felix as Butcher is an all-time favorite past time, with no let downs this event :) Speaking of Felix....opening his grandmother's coffin, seeing his face and hearing his disapproving NPC scold Thaerion - I had to try soooo hard not to break out in complete laughter. Thae (upon opening an empty coffin): "What was your grandmothers name again?" Felix's NPC: "Anda!" Thae (as she points into the coffin) "Anda there's a-nothing here!!" :D Inquisitor chase was fun!! So. Much. Walking. With. So. Much. Snow. Being warm is always nice. Hurray for woodstove in Jenny and grill area in Merchant Town!! Thank you all you Fire Keepers!! I loved every part of game and had no let downs-except walking through So. Much. Snow! - It's hard when you're short and carry 8 weapons! ;)
  8. Best of Novitas New Year

    Hehehe trying to look like an intimidating Thae against Leon as innkeeper lolol Being s charmed Thae was interesting :) Gems gems mroar gems Tess, djinni, elf etc :) NNY shenanigans ?
  9. At the Beach

    A small boat bumps ashore in the distance. Thaerion walks very near the pensive human as the elves pass by. She catches his eye and in the briefest moment, she studies him. She notes the deep wrinkles on the forehead and thin mouth-drawn down slightly in thought. No threat. Only worry here. She nods in acknowledgement and turns to follow the other elves. A breeze picks up and she looks past him at the lake, frowns slightly and pulls her cloak closer as rain begins to drizzle. She continues on with her family.
  10. Best of October

    Rping with Diatoro was awesome! Hats off to you sir.... Seeing my first ghost and being super scared...carried on a conversation with it for a while and then realized what it was....eek! :) Found my way around fairly well at night and only got lost once but not while being elfy so it's ok right? :)/> I like the trails and the owls and the eagle I saw! The fox were a bit noisy Friday night but that's nature! Orcs were fun too! Thanks guys for sticking it out through the brewing storm!! Atmosphere!
  11. The Last Time At Omar's Hammer

    Niccolo's music drifts into and around the nearby pine trees. Two pointed ears perk up at the music as Thaerion turns her gaze towards the Inn. How far she has come since her first day in Pinedale, only a little more than a year ago. She reflects on her follies and her greatest moments. She remembers sitting quietly under a bench as Orcs attacked, when she first saw Draug burst through the door of the Inn...she reflects on her many conversations in the nearby meadows with friends and foe. She smiles and winces at the thought of Micah's lesson, and she smiles softly at the fond memories of her journeys with Beryl and Sorien...and now they are wed, how far everyone has come... Thaerion walks over to the Inn. She opens the door and slowly takes down her sack with her wooden bowls and cups. She walks over to the innkeeper and smiles a half smile as she picks up a tiny apple. She passes Vany'a and places a piece of rosemary in front of her. It looks like she could use it. "May your days begin and end in peace" she whispers. With that she begins to disappear into the dreary night. She looks at each person as she leaves. She takes her post outside the town next to Draug. They are to make sure no upset Tainted Ones disturb the village-especially on a night as solemn as this.
  12. Medical bunks for September

    I am attending this Friday. I need one please.
  13. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    I shall try again?....nope...ah well
  14. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    My goblin iron/nature swor....nvm can't get the pic to work :P
  15. Best of August 2016

    PCing: Rosemary and Lapland! Thank you to all who put up with "High" Elf Thaerion! :D This was a lot of fun! Seeing Narene and Riona moved to tears over things Thaerion could not see-props for the RPing here for all who were involved!! Watching the rain move in was on point and an awesome mood setter. The sketchy letter freaking Thae out was very fun. Rping in general was very intriguing and fun! The warning from the Pisceans was very dooming and the ppl running villagers out of town was great! (Don't forget Rosy!) NPCing: SHOUT OUT TO TAMMY in make-up for making my wild hair even more wild!! and the makeup really added to Gert the Cannibal! It really inspired my inner cavewoman!! Spot on!! LOVED rping as Gert with the PC's-so much confusion and controversy! It was really great to see all the PC's arguing and creating conflict amongst themselves! Great job guys!! The tied-up lovers ghost plot was AMAZING! RPing this with Josh in this plot was awesome!!! The sadness and wailing and confusing repeating made this plot really fun! Kudos to the PC's that figured out who to release them!! This was a great event-despite the humidity and the rain-and I can't wait for the next one!!!