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  1. The Helix and You!

    I’m wondering as to why I would have to report ninja looting? It’s loot I took off a monster and u said that doesn’t have to be reported.
  2. Questions of an alchemist

    Rejuvenation Elixir Level: 2 Duration: Permanent Range: Ingested Rejuvenation Elixir restores 2 points of Magic Power when drunk, and heals any missing Body points and cures all diseases. It is important to remember that a player can NEVER use more than 20 points of Magic Power per game day, regardless of the source of the points. I heard this will no longer remove diseases a while ago is this true. If not then it seems pointless to have Therica remove deissase as it’s 2 lvl higher and doesn’t really make sense if not then Therica might be in my shop ASAP
  3. Questions of an alchemist

    Balm of Vigor Level: 5 Duration: 10 minutes Range: Ingested Balm of Vigor builds the imbiber’s musculature and physique, allowing her to hit for two additional points of normal damage for the next 10 minutes. It is important to remember that a player can NEVER hit for more than 4 points of damage, or 2 points of damage when using Two Weapon Fighting, regardless of the source of the damage. as written it would allow me to swing for 4 PTs damage with shield since shield is not two weapon fighting. Is this written with that intent
  4. Questions of an alchemist

    Is there a reason why some poisons can have effects doubled on a goblin blade while other poisons you would rub on a weapon don’t. Ex. Touch of Panic Level 4 Duration: 10 minutes or 1 dose (Both Doubled on Goblin Iron weapon) Range: Touch Skill: Herbalist Bile of Nox Level 4 Duration: 10 minutes or 1 dose Range: Touch Skill: Herbalist both can be rubbed onto the blade
  5. Questions of an alchemist

    Ethereal Sealant Level: 5 Duration: Game Day Range: Touch Skill: None Ethereal Sealant is a highly prized compound that makes the target completely immune to all magical spells and effects, both harmful and beneficial. It takes 1 full minute to apply to a subject person. This includes magical attacks, buffs, and healing. The effect remains until convergence even if the subject dies, preventing Revive from being cast on the body. if as chosen I chose to have unhallow and use this item, would it allow me to sit in the building since for some reason a d3 chosen can not sit in its own unhallowed building. Also would said item allow a player to walk through someone’s sanctuary
  6. Questions of an alchemist

    Theriac Level: 4 Duration: Instant Range: Ingested Theriac is an ancient composition esteemed efficacious against the effects of poison, a certain compound of sixty-four drugs, prepared, pulverized, and reduced by means of honey to an electuary. It will immediately neutralize any and all poisons and diseases affecting a player or creature, allowing poisoned and diseased wounds to be healed. It is important to note that Theriac does not heal or undo the effects of the poison; it only cleanses it from the victim’s system. im a little confused as to the discription. It’s says it will neutralize any and all poisons and diseases but it also says that it doesn’t undo the effects. So if some one had ingested BLACKOUT JUICE and then was given Theriac would they still be stuned as that’s the effect. 2) If so then does this item only remove things with a countdown like vermin bane? 3) If not then, is it just removing the ability for that poison to be traced via diagnosis?
  7. Questions of an alchemist

    If a player was immune to poisons when it was ingested but lost that immunity before the hour time mark, would they take the damage??
  8. I decided to start a thread on poisonous and alchemy related things. This will include questions about things I heard out of game and things that might happen in game.
  9. October Pre-Production

    Restore limb is a lvl 2 spell right so would it it cost two points for one??
  10. Chosen 5 ideas

    Well put Colin you hit the reason why I wrote this on the head.
  11. Chosen 5 ideas

    Hello, everyone, so I was lookingthrough the RP skills for chosen and I noticed, it sucks. I’m sorry to say itso bluntly but it does. Don’t get me wrong, it is interesting yes, but generic.We are worshiping gods here, and as such they would not all grant the sameeffects to a player. Why would the Mother who is all about healing care aboutsmiting an enemy or the Craftsman??? So,I sat down and though, well what would they do. So below is an IDEA I REAPEATAN IDEA of how I think the chosen 5 spells should be. Now the player would have todeclare at chosen on which god they intend to follow. Now I know your all goingto say “it makes it so complex. It really doesn’t since the player would onlyneed to know about one god skills not all of them. It’s no different from aschool of magic on the character sheet. Now with my above statement: “They would not all grant thesame effects to players” it really hits on Chosen 5. At this point yourcharacter at minimum might be 2 ½ years old. This is determined through RPskills occurring every six months. If you made it this far following a god youshould be gifted with raw power from them. I look at it as, you’re theirright-hand man/women. They can depend on you as you can depend on them. Sobelow are the Chosen 5 spells that I personally think would make the whole RPof following the gods plus the time and dedication worthwhile. AGAIN, THESE AREALL IDEAS Also,before you say this is unfair or broken, let me point out the other buffsgranted to the other RP skills Druid- Aspect. Player can make up an aspect grantingapproval by logistics. Example given: Examples of an ability is "Aspect ofFae: Damage requirement poison for 1 minute." Aspect of Ooze: Acid Damagefor 1 minute" Status: Grants the character the Pure Cognizance effect and an additional 20 coin. This effect is permanent and cannot be dispelled Pure Cognizance does not require an incant. (It is always active.) Pure Cognizance does not require a 'No Effect' call, should any of the immunities in rule be activated. Pure Cognizance grants immunities to the following effects: Charm Silence Dominate Memory Loss Anesthesia Vermin Bane Truth Serum Long list of immunities Merchant: where to begin lol : Lvl 3 Free blue box (cost hundreds of dollars out of game toacquire a blue bag which is greatly reduced in size ) LVL 4: can stack up magic items at half cost to exchange ofany other magic item the want at sign in. LVL 5: Craft a 36 point epic item that can be sold. ( thisis why the chosen version is different.) again below is just an idea. As we know not everyone likes to do combat so granting a combat only ability for chosen 5 is kind of saying, "Hey if u want to make this worth while your gonna have to fight" I think the list of options provider a good balance between power and use. Again all ideas so take with a grain of salt. The reason there are two options for them is 1) if this is allowed player must chose one. 2) to give you an idea of what we could do with the chosen tree *as a note before people say "oh no one will want to play the other rp class remember not every one wants to play a religious nut bag on the corner preaching lol Chose 5 Skill Tree The Mother: Goddess of healing and life; Illumitas’ Shard oflove. Precepts: serve life; soothe the injured; forgive theremorseful. Spell: Healing voice Frequency: 1/event Effect: Player issurrounded by a sanctuary bubble that cannot be dispelled for 1 min.Players/npc the player deems friendly may travel back and forth through thesanctuary. Also during this time All healing spells from the caster is castedat no cost. Another option Spell: Mass Resurrection Frequency: once per event Effect: Player can resurrect players/npc That can hereplayers voice. (functions like Minion Rise) The Knight: Precepts: Leads Justly; builds a better world; considereveryone in your actions Spell: The Knights Shield Frequency: 1/gameday Effect: For 1 min player reflects all offensive magic Alternative Spell: Knights armor Frequency: until spell power is depleted Effect: players Improve magic armor becomes self-cast onlyand turns the 4 points of magic armor into 4 points of magic monstrous armorthat ignores slay (player cannot gain this effect from another player castingimproved magic armor, items, or scroll/potions. Must be casted from players ownspell points) The Soldier Precepts: sacrifice for total victory; cunning is a form ofstrength; accept the leadership of others. Spell: Unbreakable Will Frequency: 1/event Effect: For 30 seconds Player ignores any damage (physicaland magical) and effects. Player takes a torso wound after due to theaccumulation of damage Alternative Spell: Burst of magic Frequency: 1/gameday Effect: player can cast a free spell burst that deals damageequal to the amount of magic used. Magic must come from players own magic pool.Damage is considered as magic slay. Target can only be effected by one tag-bagfrom effect. *this means if you cast it for 4 damage and two tag bags hit thetarget it won’t count as 8 damage. The Scholar Precept: Emotions mask facts, so be dispassionate andpatient; all problems disappear if understood; the mind controls the body Spell: True domination Frequency: 1/gameday Effect: Player can dominate any living/dead/elemental being.In addition, dominate cast Greater Truth (functions like as a Truth serum thatbypasses any immunities or ritual.) in addition player can give more complexorders to dominated being. (time length 5 min). Like the Knight this spell mustbe casted from players own magic pool. Alternative Spell: Greater fear Frequency 1/game day Effect: all enemies except greater undead that can hear theplayer when he/she cast the spell is feared. The Elemental Precept: serve passion regardless of creation ordestruction; beauty is truth; live well, for your time is short. Spell: Astral Walk Frequency 1/event Effect: Player choses a predesignated spot (approved by GM).Any friendly npc/pc that is touching the player is ley lined to spot. Playercan also bring those who are not willing. Alternative Spell: Control Nature Frequency: 3/gameday Effect: player can cast any damage type to weapon includingprimal. (Can only be casted on Chosen player weapon, if player hands weapon toanother player the effect is removed.) Duration 10 min/ primal 20/all other The Stranger Precept: Keeps Secrets sacred; embrace the peace of ending;serve the dead who can no longer serve themselves. Spell: Soul leach Frequency 1/event Effect: Player can cast reap spirt on any creature, undead,or elemental while the target is still “alive” instantly killing the target. Alternative Spell: Shepard of the soul Frequency: 1/year Effect: player can bring a sparkout of the well and imbed it in a new body (player cannot bring a spark ofone of their previous pc back) *’If player is brought back this way, pcmaintains memory from when they were alive but starts back at level 1. Sparkbrought back must have been sent to the well no later than 2 years from time ofcasting. The Craftsman Precepts: Build rather than own ordestroy; serve all with your work; coordination is the best tool Spell: Ameliorate Frequency: 3/gameday Effect: player can make any armor4 monstrous for game day. Or make any weapon swing for 4 damage including dualweapons. (if used for dual weapons, it must be casted on each individual weaponcosting 2 out of the 3 uses) * player must have an anvil and spend 10 min RPthe crafting Alternative. Spell: The Gift Frequency: 1/year Effect: player can craft a 36-point item that acts asa Feb-Feast item in that it can never be looted from you. (This said, it onlystays bounded to the chosen character. If player makes a new pc item cannottransfer over.) *if player hands item to another player it becomes mundaneuntil given back to the Chosen The Dark Three Grak The Destroyer Precepts: Defiance, Strength, Glory Spell: Crushing blow Frequency: Until spell power is depleted Effect: Player can increase damage by 1 per mana pointexpended. When player hits an enemy, it expends all the magic. The player canchoose between “slay or pierce” damage but cannot switch damage type after it’scalled. Alternative: Spell: Enraging Taunt. Frequency: 2/gameday Effect: Player calls out a target. The target and player canonly move towards each other and fight only each other till one is dead.(Before people say well they would taunt them then people would kill them sincethey can’t fight back I hope the chosen player would rp this. Grak is all aboutfighting the toughest opponents. If he was to be robbed of his kill he wouldnot take to kindly to it.) Nox The Putrescent Precepts: Destroyer of life; divest yourself of hope ofredemption; serve suffering absolutely. Spell: Nox’s Anguish Frequency 1/event Effect: Player can spend 10 production points 75 copper tomake a poison that deals 5 pierce damage bypassing immunities. Player islimited to only one per event even if they have 20+ production points. Also,player must have a chalice dedicated to nox and is encouraged to RP the poisoncoming from the cup as a gift from nox. Alternative Spell: Disease Frequency: 2/gameday Effect: Player can cast disease on his weapon for 10 min. orthrow 2 tag bag for disease. Darkness Precept: Unknown Spell: Whisper of darkness Effect: Player can use any spell they know withoutincantation. Alternative: Spell: Steps of the Mist Frequency 1/event Effect: Functions like ley lines however player does notneed a predetermined spot. Effect last 10 min and player has that time to gowhere ever they want, walking before the effect drops. Draconus Precept: Unknown though many cults share the collection ofDraconus Lore as Principle. Spell: Will of magic Frequency: Permanent Effect: Player magic cost 1 less for all school. Alternative Spell: Infused magic Frequency: 3/gameday Effect: Player can cast 3 spells per gameday they know atthe cost of 1 magic.
  12. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Who:bán What: skavens are out and about. A npc comes to my shop bán goes with them Shift 3-4 either shift works. Important npc. Just the skavens
  13. Ban 4 people cabin merchant shop" bans bontanical" looking for cabin 4 Ban Vincent
  14. I still want four I was gonna take it last event but I read the heater situation wrong so it was to cold to stay. How ever I am getting a heater and insulation for next event so I can open bans shops