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  1. If u only wanted 3 heal mortal scrolls its 245
  2. Item prices are up
  3. Upon the wall at the local merchant bazaar, hangs a piece of parchment that reads The mobile merchant. Greetings to all, I Onyx, realize that my goods are not advertised here at The Merchant Bazaar. In an attempt to remedy this ill fortune, I have decided to list my inventory during the downtime periods. If you would like to procure some of my wares, please leave your name and the quantity you wish to secure. If you think we would not see each other in due time but wish to acquire items from me. I shall have them Crimson Currier to you. If you wish to have an item made for you, please leave a request on this parchment or Currier it to me. Also note: If you wish to offer your services to me leave a memo as well. Yours truly ~Onyx Gemspliter, Master ornamentor, and Master tinker.~ Items 1-Greater Wand of Enchant Weapon ( 7 Uses ) 150 cp 1-Rod of Curse 1-Greater Wand of Mageblade 210 cp Potions 8 Potions of Restore Limb 10cp/each 8 Potions of Dissipate 10cp/each 6 Potions of Heal Mortal Wounds 15cp/each 3 Catholic 30cp/each 1 Dilution Solution 15cp 1 Potion of Heal Body 5cp Scrolls 11 Heal Mortal Wounds Scrolls 15cp each 2 Dispel Magic Scrolls 20cp each 2 Scrolls of Panacea 15cp each 1 Scroll of Purify Spirt 15 cp 2 Scrolls of Dominate 30cp each 1 Battle Mastery Scroll 40cp 2 Scrolls of Restore Limbs 10cp each 1 Scroll of Synchronize 20cp 1 Scroll of Elemental Weapon 15 cp
  4. April Pre-Production

    Gilbert Crafting as Onyx 1 tunic of Improve magic armor 1x/gd and Resilience 1x/gd (cost 24 points I am a master crafter) 100 coin cost
  5. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    1) Who is planning on going. This will include my self and anyone in the area 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. Onyx has submitted multiple letters to the carriers in hope of reaching his surface friend Lei Crestless 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. – NPC: Lei Crestless (Laura said she will play) Lei convinced Onyx to leave the safety of Earthold where he owned and operated Glints and Gleam of Everything to explore the surface world. Onyx was enthralled by the stories Lei told about her adventures as a Druid. Lei decided to take him under her wing but informed onyx that he would have to give up his materialistic ways as that is not the way of druids. The relationship between Lei and Onyx is akin to a big sis and little brother. Lei is a Druid (5), a proficient healer, cold and calculating, but warm and gentle towards Onyx. She left him in Civin while she went to deal with an issue in the woods ( can make anything up here as Onyx wouldn't know.) 4) What shift are you planning to go do this? - Plan on having her come out shift 2 for maybe 30-40 min if that's possible. 5) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game. -- Check! 6) We will not make any assurances or promises that the adventure you're going on is a good idea, won't kill your PCs, be easy, or won't change the world as a whole. It may not work out like you think it will, but we also won't immediately screw over anyone who submits these adventures. Anything can happen -- No problem.
  6. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Onyx, going to get a drink for The Spinning Jenny notices a note on the board. Hmmm sounds fun. I wonder how strong this man is and if he can protect me like Lee. I’ll tag along.
  7. December Preproduction

    Master crafted pendent (spiral design) +1 armor (20 coin) Green and black cloak (mend armor 3x gd) (60 coin)
  8. Hello everyone, it’s me again with another question about the game. Today topic Crafting (includes production/crafting) I think it would be great and add a lot to the game if crafting for all trees had props associated with them the way alchemy does. From my understanding we all live in Maplewood, it is our home. I see a lot of players who craft without any physical representation that they do. I know of at least two players (outside alchemy) that have props that bring a lot of immersion to the game (Ainar (kyle)) and (Flint, John Spencer) We always talk about immersion regarding clothing and items, why can’t it apply to crafting skills as well? Alchemy has props but none of the other trees require anything. Why is alchemy so isolated in this regard? I personally would love to see the Crafting tree advancement treated like an RP skill. Instead of every six months application it could be 3 months. It seems a bit unrealistic to go from no skill crafting to a master over night because you gathered/stored enough exp instantly. It would take time and practice to increase these skills. One of the coolest moments I had was sitting with Kyles PC while he forged a ring for me. It added so much more to the game.
  9. How not to be me

    So I talked to a lot of people about my PCs. Apprently it’s hard for me to change me from pc to pc. So what makes me, me and how can I change it so I feel like a different pc to you
  10. Build a Pc

    Hello there everyone, so bán died. Yes he’s dead dead. So I can’t think of what to play and let’s be real, I’ll play any thing. So let’s build one together. Below post a skill but they have to be in order. Can’t give me a lvl 5 spell with all the requirements to reach it. So let’s do it together. Drop a comment and pick a skill.
  11. The Helix and You!

    I’m wondering as to why I would have to report ninja looting? It’s loot I took off a monster and u said that doesn’t have to be reported.
  12. Questions of an alchemist

    Rejuvenation Elixir Level: 2 Duration: Permanent Range: Ingested Rejuvenation Elixir restores 2 points of Magic Power when drunk, and heals any missing Body points and cures all diseases. It is important to remember that a player can NEVER use more than 20 points of Magic Power per game day, regardless of the source of the points. I heard this will no longer remove diseases a while ago is this true. If not then it seems pointless to have Therica remove deissase as it’s 2 lvl higher and doesn’t really make sense if not then Therica might be in my shop ASAP