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  1. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Onyx, going to get a drink for The Spinning Jenny notices a note on the board. Hmmm sounds fun. I wonder how strong this man is and if he can protect me like Lee. I’ll tag along.
  2. December Preproduction

    Master crafted pendent (spiral design) +1 armor (20 coin) Green and black cloak (mend armor 3x gd) (60 coin)
  3. Hello everyone, it’s me again with another question about the game. Today topic Crafting (includes production/crafting) I think it would be great and add a lot to the game if crafting for all trees had props associated with them the way alchemy does. From my understanding we all live in Maplewood, it is our home. I see a lot of players who craft without any physical representation that they do. I know of at least two players (outside alchemy) that have props that bring a lot of immersion to the game (Ainar (kyle)) and (Flint, John Spencer) We always talk about immersion regarding clothing and items, why can’t it apply to crafting skills as well? Alchemy has props but none of the other trees require anything. Why is alchemy so isolated in this regard? I personally would love to see the Crafting tree advancement treated like an RP skill. Instead of every six months application it could be 3 months. It seems a bit unrealistic to go from no skill crafting to a master over night because you gathered/stored enough exp instantly. It would take time and practice to increase these skills. One of the coolest moments I had was sitting with Kyles PC while he forged a ring for me. It added so much more to the game.
  4. How not to be me

    So I talked to a lot of people about my PCs. Apprently it’s hard for me to change me from pc to pc. So what makes me, me and how can I change it so I feel like a different pc to you
  5. Build a Pc

    Hello there everyone, so bán died. Yes he’s dead dead. So I can’t think of what to play and let’s be real, I’ll play any thing. So let’s build one together. Below post a skill but they have to be in order. Can’t give me a lvl 5 spell with all the requirements to reach it. So let’s do it together. Drop a comment and pick a skill.
  6. The Helix and You!

    I’m wondering as to why I would have to report ninja looting? It’s loot I took off a monster and u said that doesn’t have to be reported.
  7. Questions of an alchemist

    Rejuvenation Elixir Level: 2 Duration: Permanent Range: Ingested Rejuvenation Elixir restores 2 points of Magic Power when drunk, and heals any missing Body points and cures all diseases. It is important to remember that a player can NEVER use more than 20 points of Magic Power per game day, regardless of the source of the points. I heard this will no longer remove diseases a while ago is this true. If not then it seems pointless to have Therica remove deissase as it’s 2 lvl higher and doesn’t really make sense if not then Therica might be in my shop ASAP
  8. Questions of an alchemist

    Balm of Vigor Level: 5 Duration: 10 minutes Range: Ingested Balm of Vigor builds the imbiber’s musculature and physique, allowing her to hit for two additional points of normal damage for the next 10 minutes. It is important to remember that a player can NEVER hit for more than 4 points of damage, or 2 points of damage when using Two Weapon Fighting, regardless of the source of the damage. as written it would allow me to swing for 4 PTs damage with shield since shield is not two weapon fighting. Is this written with that intent
  9. Questions of an alchemist

    Is there a reason why some poisons can have effects doubled on a goblin blade while other poisons you would rub on a weapon don’t. Ex. Touch of Panic Level 4 Duration: 10 minutes or 1 dose (Both Doubled on Goblin Iron weapon) Range: Touch Skill: Herbalist Bile of Nox Level 4 Duration: 10 minutes or 1 dose Range: Touch Skill: Herbalist both can be rubbed onto the blade
  10. Questions of an alchemist

    Ethereal Sealant Level: 5 Duration: Game Day Range: Touch Skill: None Ethereal Sealant is a highly prized compound that makes the target completely immune to all magical spells and effects, both harmful and beneficial. It takes 1 full minute to apply to a subject person. This includes magical attacks, buffs, and healing. The effect remains until convergence even if the subject dies, preventing Revive from being cast on the body. if as chosen I chose to have unhallow and use this item, would it allow me to sit in the building since for some reason a d3 chosen can not sit in its own unhallowed building. Also would said item allow a player to walk through someone’s sanctuary
  11. Questions of an alchemist

    Theriac Level: 4 Duration: Instant Range: Ingested Theriac is an ancient composition esteemed efficacious against the effects of poison, a certain compound of sixty-four drugs, prepared, pulverized, and reduced by means of honey to an electuary. It will immediately neutralize any and all poisons and diseases affecting a player or creature, allowing poisoned and diseased wounds to be healed. It is important to note that Theriac does not heal or undo the effects of the poison; it only cleanses it from the victim’s system. im a little confused as to the discription. It’s says it will neutralize any and all poisons and diseases but it also says that it doesn’t undo the effects. So if some one had ingested BLACKOUT JUICE and then was given Theriac would they still be stuned as that’s the effect. 2) If so then does this item only remove things with a countdown like vermin bane? 3) If not then, is it just removing the ability for that poison to be traced via diagnosis?
  12. Questions of an alchemist

    If a player was immune to poisons when it was ingested but lost that immunity before the hour time mark, would they take the damage??
  13. I decided to start a thread on poisonous and alchemy related things. This will include questions about things I heard out of game and things that might happen in game.
  14. October Pre-Production

    Restore limb is a lvl 2 spell right so would it it cost two points for one??