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  1. Ride from tioga county

    im probably to late to answer this because i was gone all day but im in Wellsboro Tioga county i can get a short ride to get to another ride but i cant take the car the whole weekend
  2. trousers

    awesome that means i only need to worry about another tunic and a ride!
  3. trousers

    i dont have a picture of the dress itself but it looks pretty much like this one http://www.outfit4events.com/runtime/cache/images/productFull/121159-1.jpg
  4. is there anyone in the Tioga county area i can possibly hitch a ride with? i could really use one
  5. trousers

    cool! now one more question are renascence dresses acceptable for like npc work?
  6. trousers

    is it possible i can just use some sweatpants and have them pass off as garbs i can use? do i need to do anything to them to make them pass?
  7. how to make a sword

    im pretty good at working with materials and have a lot of luck working with stuff like that but i would prefer a cheap cheap sword i can get and use as a pc or npc i dont have the money to afford much at all even $40 is a bit much for me
  8. how to make a sword

    im trying to make myself a plain boffer sword on a really tight budget can someone help me and tell me how to make it please?
  9. commissions

    i really want to go to the next KoN thing but i have no money and no equipment i need to buy a weapon i need supplies to make my garbs and i need the rest of the items to go so im thinking about selling drawing commissions to save up money to buy the stuff i need would anybody be willing to pay for me to draw something for them i'll draw your characters or something like that we can discuss price later i want at the very least $5 per drawing but it also depends on the difficulty here is some of my works if youre interested
  10. hi!

    i would like to try and play a pc if i can because i like to learn that kinda thing through experience and all that
  11. hi!

    i got the ones about safety down they were basic and very reasonable i still have to create a character and get the garbs which is hard due to money issues do you have weapons that first timers can borrow or do i need to make or buy one?
  12. hi!

    ive actually been working on reading the rules im not very patient when it comes to reading rules and things so its taking me quite a bit to get through them but im getting there there is so much going on in these rules i hope i can remember them all
  13. hi!

    im new to all this i was told about KoN by the scary ninja dude at Anibash while we were playing Dagorhir. i am very interested in joining KoN! i do need to get everything together and would very likely need help from an experienced player to understand the rules and know what to do