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  1. Calimacil weapons, leather gear, & other goodies FOR SALE

    Heya! Sorry for the late reply. I still have the items, but there's one person ahead of you interested in both those items. If that falls through I'll PM you and let you know!
  2. I'm looking to sell the following things: Celtic braced larp shield, Latex: $50 2 Ring belts: $20 each 1 Pair of gloves: $20 Leather set of forearm bracers & Shin guards: $45 frogs: $15 each leather wrist guards: $15 Kiefer, the King's Bane flanged Mace: $70 Thorgrim, the Ancestor's Glory 2 handed axe: $100 Black leather chest armor, fits 48-50 inch chest: $60 Viking II (Dirk) short blade: $40 All of this stuff I've worn and used at KoN before, so it should be good to go for use. I live near Amsterdam, NY so if anyone wants to pick up local or meet somewhere local I can. I can also ship the smaller things no problem, not sure how shipping the larger items would go.
  3. Calimacil Great Weapon

    My friend brought a Calimacil Greatsword to the harvest fest, and it passed the weapons check fine, so it should be ok.
  4. Harvest Fest 2015

    This will be my friend and mine's first event, can't wait to play! Totally excited for the tourney and games, rules look super solid for the combat!
  5. shift information?

    So I've looked a little bit and couldn't find anything I'm probably overlooking it but how do you figure out what ships you'll be playing on and npcing on?
  6. Hello from another realm!

    Awesome! We hope to get a car load to go :)
  7. Hello from another realm!

    No way was it to poach players, I just want to larp and have a good time. The most I want out of this is to enjoy more gaming What you quoted was me just saying how I was trying to find more players in the region, and found your sweet group in the process, that's all.
  8. Hello from another realm!

    Oh also one question I had, generally how many people do you h ave attending your events, Staff, NPC's and PC's over all? Another question pertaining to the october event, I'd like to NPC the entire time, but I can probably show up for either friday all day or saturday all day, what time does the even start on friday?
  9. Hello from another realm!

    Awesome! I'm curious if you'd be interested in trying out our games. I know for sure I'd love to make it out to one of your events. I'm still dumb founded I haven't found this out sooner lol
  10. Hello from another realm!

    Hello all, I can't believe I only found your Larp tonight as for the past year I've been larping in Amsterdam NY using the Larpcraft Myths and Legends system. In an effort to expand our player base I've stumbled upon you guys and am elated to find out you're only 1.5 hours away from me! I'm super excited to try an make it to one of your events and if I'm reading it right that's in october. Well once again I'm super excited to meet everyone and eventually get involved! :)/>