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  1. Best of October

    To add to your new player energy( even tho I just broke a yr) I/Ankob deffinatly has been enjoying the rp and learning of the medium abilities he has I.e His 1st banshee this past event.
  2. Best of October

    Seeing as I missed last event our big fight/journey from Pinedale I was really looking forward to this event and I can say i most definitely had fun. I love the layout and the inn has an actual inn feel to it, I absolutely loved it. I would however like dren was saying have the helix be a little less restrictive bc I too miss the feel of walking across the dark field and the "keep your eyes open there could be things lurking" mayb during the day the helix protection stays about the same but then at night it drops to only the Jenny the Maplewood cabins and merchant town but not the field that might also entice Pcs who live in maplewood but also want to fight the chance to without having to travel such a distance to fight to hangout around a fire and enjoy their encampments which I'm not a Rhino, but plan to help build up the look and feel bc I sleep there and associate sometimes with them still.
  3. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    Player name : Eric Bryant Pc name : AnKob Rp skills : medium 1 Applying for : merchant 1 Reason: because AnKob is now on his own he feels he needs to be able to trade/sell with others without being looked at weird by others or approached by the merchants guild for backdoor selling.... Or without having to cut in a greedy merchant for having hem sell thins for me lol
  4. Stepping Down As Plot Marshall

    Well in the short time that I have been coming and getting to know everyone I can honestly say that your pretty cool except when punching me in the face, and I look forward to your return and that breakfast we talked about haha. You will be missed and I look forward to showing you the progress Ill be making in your absence. Hope you enjoy yourself and have a safe and enlightening trip.
  5. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    are you still searching?
  6. It's a stretch

    But does anyone happen to have an axe prop that they are looking to sell?
  7. In need of...

    Actually both, I'm looking for someone to make the props for me if possible. Or if someone has some for sale in game then that would be a better option(time And rp related) I'm just in need either way haha
  8. In need of...

    I'm looking for someone who can make me a Es bowl and possibly a Es cup too please. If someone could either point me in the right direction or hey if that person could post that they can do it and price that would be cool. Thanks
  9. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    I would like to apply for medium if possible. I believe this skill set would broaden my pc and his abilities. It would also be a good asset for my group to have a medium to possibly open us up to more plots and things for us to do in future.
  10. Party and Shift Survey

    Ulysseus forgot to add Nala(not sure on spelling) to the Rhino group also
  11. Best of October/Harvest Festival!

    Storming the temple with Octavious was epic to say the least, and just the overall scene/time frame of it all happening. Ulysseus and myself hearing the cry for help nd immediately finding a dispel from someone to open the door not knowing what's going on, running head high to the temple ripping the door open and kicking over the bench to slay everything inside my other comrade with our "picnic basket" lmao ressurecting outside. Felt like a proud moment for the Rhinos. I also enjoyed meeting the bun master and his challenge even though I couldn't handle the fruit. Sry again bun master
  12. Hello there all

    Yes actually I wrote a short back story that I would like you to put in for me if you could please.
  13. Best of September!

    I enjoyed the event as a whole but I would have to say the undead wanting to go home was probably the craziest part. We had all already been through so much and used so much to get to the end of the path and see a whole undead hoard was mind blowing(mind you me being dead dead and needing to b dragged for at least 45min to an hour the whole time haha) I enjoyed myself and can't wait for october
  14. Hello there all

    Hello all, I just left my 1st ever event and I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all. My name is AnKob of the Running Rhinos. I would also like to thank all who helped and or healed me during this past event, your kindness will forever be remembered and I am indebted to you all. Also I plan on returning so I will see you all for octoberfest.. Hail Hydrate
  15. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Hello Hivemind, I'm new to the KoN and was wondering if you still sold weapons as listed at the beginning of this post?