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  1. EVE Online

    So, a couple of weeks ago I moved to a new corp operating in low and null security space, which is like the wild west of space in EVE. It was the best thing I've done yet. It's really reinvigorated the whole game for me, both being out on the fringes and joining up with a cool and fairly large alliance of other players. We're in one of the few if not the only area of null sec space that has been set up by the player alliances holding sovereignty to be open and safe for neutral visitors, traders, miners, and explorers. Most player alliance sovereign empires shoot anyone who trespasses into their territory, like insane militant survivalists. We've been moving into this area, establishing a presence and forming relationships with the other alliances that we're neighbors with, and patrolling friendly space to protect it from hostile players. Are any of you still playing and want to try out life outside of empire space? I know a couple of you are already out there raising hell, but if any of you are still in high sec and want to try this out let me know. We do a lot of different things, from PVE combat plexing/exploration to industry to PVP. Big money, big battles, big fun. You know you want it. :lol: Also, the obligatory:
  2. EVE Online

    Are there any lapsed players out there, or potential new players interested in trying EVE out? My alliance is in a rough patch and we don't currently have the leadership that got us through the bad times we've had in the past, so I'm looking to step up in the next week and start working on it myself. I want to reform and revitalize the alliance and part of that will be recruiting, so I wanted to see if there are any KoN players interested in joining up with us.
  3. Now that there's a way to swing for acid damage as a repeated melee/weapon damage type, how does this interact with Enchant Shield? Does it protect against acid weapons at all? Does it stop one damaging hit? Absorb 4? Is Ruin cast into a mage blade for 4 strikes still incapable of damaging a shield, requiring legal hits on a person to discharge? Or is a shield now a legal target for Ruin strikes?
  4. Clarifications on changes to Ruin

    The text of the Ruin spell in the 4.0 rules wiki specifies that it can't be channeled through a mage blade, but Creeping Rot does not. We've never had a limitation on enchanting Goblin Iron, but we did disallow poisons on Silver and Elven Steel. Until now, the only way to apply poison damage to a weapon was through alchemical blade poisons. If it's going to be allowed, it should be explicit in the spell description for Creeping Rot, and probably Ruin to be safe. As much as it would be nice to be able to case Creeping rot on my Elven Stell hammer to hit bagmen with, the idea doesn't seem right. I tend towards shying away from things that allow one tool to be the right one for every job.
  5. Can the new enchantment version of Creeping Rot be cast on a Silver or Elven Steel weapon, getting around the incompatibility with poison?
  6. 2014 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Bob Manning Gerard Independent Prefer to PC 1+2 or 2+3.
  7. Feb Feast 2014 Event & Preregistration Information

    Since the feast is in character and in garb, how is that going to interact with the rule about drinking alcohol during games? Will everyone have to wait until after dinner to drink even if they're not playing in the actual game shift?
  8. Communications At Events

  9. It's a bit of a different equation for PCs than it is for NPCs. PCs are persistent and have finite resources when it comes to skill points and magic points. They know the threats they may face, and most parties try to cover the bases and have answers ready for situations where they may come up against different DRs. NPCs tend to come from nothing and return to nothing, especially combat encounter NPCs. They don't have carefully calculated character sheets, and they don't have to save any magic points for encounters later in the day.
  10. Looking for a Group

    The Nightmare Legion was formed based on OOG discussion and planning. Didn't they plan the Slatestones out of game as well?
  11. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    Plex works in EVE because CCP still gets their money. The equivalent in KoN would be if I paid your entry fee but you gave me 300 coin for my character, which does not remove any coin from the economy. I'm not trying to tear down your ideas for the hell of it Drew. The problem with this is as Phil said, the sign in cash goes to pay the bills.
  12. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    We'd be screwing over our out of game economy to try and correct our fictional one. If we actually get to the point where there's enough concern about the in game economy to start working on making corrections to it, we should focus on it within the scope of the game and not tie it to out of game finances.
  13. I'd like to point out that people don't go into the woods looking for monsters and loot because they don't have to. The monsters aren't out there, they're always on their way to down to hand-deliver the loot. Trying to move monster encounters out of town into the wilderness only works if the GMs and NPCs are willing to stick to it. The players will adapt to the environment created by the encounter system. Right now, they've adapted to the situation where monsters come right to town. Heading out into the woods just makes them miss any fights that do happen, because they happen in town. If the GMs move the monsters into the woods and stick to their guns, the players will adapt again. The ones that get bored will start hunting for trouble in the woods, since there would of course be an announcement of the policy change prior to the game. The ones that want to be townies and don't want to fight won't, but so what? As long as everyone's having fun, there's nothing wrong with that. If you want to approach this another way and make sure people have a reason to go hunting, then start all encounters in the woods and make them stay there for a certain period of time. Then if they aren't found, they get harder and then move toward town. This way there's a reason for the fighty type PCs to go "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here". Then they're being proactive, and doing the townsfolk a service by keeping the monsters away from town. For any plan like this to work, consistency is required. If the GMs and NPCs get lax about it, the players will too.
  14. Poisons and Charges

    The main drawback of the poison is that it has to be applied before striking, which is less convenient than a master's strike. Bile of Nox may knock 3 hits off killing a bagman, but it may be a lacking some utility relative to the expense and effort to use it.
  15. Poisons and Charges

    Bile of Nox was the only one I wrote that required a Goblin Iron Weapon. At the time, 4 poison slay seemed like it was powerful enough to require a balancing factor. Since then, Slay damage has become a bit more common.
  16. Resilience and Kazvaks

    Is this the new baseline for a "not that tough"? Just 3 monsters with a whole lot of monstrous body, Poison DR, and at-will fear spells on every attack? Oh, and a few supporting casters that can blast away every defensive and offensive spell the PC's have? Yeah, that's no big deal.
  17. This spell does protect against missile and thrown weapons.
  18. the playable races were expanded.

    Did someone say plant people?
  19. tattoos and restore limb

    Pile of Dead bards?
  20. This is where the quibbling was.
  21. Oh, for fuck's sake. Will someone just make a command decision and declare that these things can't be looted until dispelled? We all know the intent behind them, why are we quibbling over it so much?
  22. Spellburst Question

    You can, but not in the middle of a battle. If you can push a tag bag into their chest without having to hurry because someone is charging at you or shooting at you, then you can KB someone with a spell. You can't fling it at them and call it a KB though.
  23. Non-consumable magic items have their own power cap of 20. The most power a character can use in a day is 20 of their own (+2 for ordained, +2 if ennervated by a druid), and 20 more from items. Characters with bags of magics items are still going to hit this limit, and again be growing more versatile instead of more powerful as they increase their collection of magic items. As I understand it, other LARPs are missing hard limits like this, and it makes a big difference in the power scale between high level and low level characters.
  24. I think the most important factor we have on power creep is our limits on hit points and magic power. No matter how high a level you get, you only get 4 body and 20 power (not counting a couple very minor bumps from RP skills). Characters stop getting more powerful after about 30th level, and just get more versatile.
  25. 1. Casting Shadowskin costs as much power as revive. If a PC casts that to stop you from killing him, you've already done as much damage to their resources for the day as if you had killed them. 2. If a party uses shadowskin, retreat and come back in 10 minutes. Or dissipate and wait. 3. They are still vulnerable to all tag bags. This means you can kill them with magic or poison, fear them, dispel them, or even use disengage (a level 1 spell) to be able to ignore him and kill the healer next to him. I've had my problems with Shadowskin in the past, but it's way better now than it used to be. It's powerful, but it's a level 5 spell. You've got be 8th level just to cast it once per day, and that's if you can do absolutely nothing else. Odds are, anyone using it is level 20+. Low level NPCs aren't expect to be able to defeat PCs of that level, all they really do is wear down their power a bit.