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  1. Best of November!

    1st time, definitely not my last! Where to start... new play initiation & wailing on Zach with the weapons during calibration, having my awesome girlfriend diving into this with an open mind, the free lodging and food and costume and weapons, N.P.Cingggg!!! The first night waiting as an orc was kinda 'meh,' but the rise of the undead served as a great successor! NPCing as an iron golem, wood goblin, SAURIAN (now with lycanthropy), orc, and as a bandit/merry adventurer/mercenary & taking an arrow to the temple while pursuing my sis (need more pow'ah!!) ~ it was all surreal and fantastic! So so good! Definitely returning, crossed fingers for December, absolutely for the FEAST! An epilogue to the weekend: my gf & I will be making our own PC's!
  2. A Couple Newbies

    Seeing as it is most likely going to rain on Saturday, what items are forbidden to wear against the inclement weather?
  3. A Couple Newbies

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't cabins in-game? As in, without marking our items with orange tape, are they fair-game to be raided? For food, should we eat beforehand or will there be a dinner held Friday night before the first shift? My shoes are similar to these: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Faded-Glory-Men-s-Marvin-Casual-Lace-up-Shoe/44411541
  4. A Couple Newbies

    Hey! I'm Brad and I am happy to say I'll be attending my first ever LARP this coming weekend. Along with my girlfriend, we're still unsure of what to bring/do exactly. She's nervous & anxious as we're a bit unsure as to how things will play out. I've been reading the rules & I understand the jist, and I may even write a character backstory for myself, but it's looking more as though she and I will want to be NPCs this weekend for all 4 shifts. We're happy to be together as much as possible, so my questions: What's the sign-in process? Do we have to announce anything online beforehand or should we just show up at the site around 7PM? I see that weapons are provided for NPCs, but what kind of garb are you looking for us to wear exactly? Can I wear shoes with laces that aren't sneakers? What is the bunking situation for sleeping? Will we be in separate cabins? We'd like to share a bed if possible, and if so, are we required to bring our own cots? If more questions pop up, we'll add more. Thanks!
  5. Robert Denney III

    Robert! I remember you for climbing merit badge back in 2009. We played this zombie tabletop game during a rainy day. Anywho, my girlfriend and I are attending this weekend for the first time ever. She's my ride & I'll see if we'll be able to swing down to pick you up.