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  1. Best of Novitas New Year

    As far as NPC roles I absolutely loved being a myconid druggie alcoholic and a super sketchy tattoo artist doing elven symbols for soup. Lol As far as character development I loved building my shrine to Oz can't wait to see where that leads lol. Then those damned fools who thought they could threaten my all knowing master by magic locking his shop had to be put down but Cato saved them with his honour duel. After party was fun I enjoyed DMing for drunk D&D at "quiet cabin" :P The highlight of my weekend besides seeing all my friends was winning the item I really wanted from Chinese auction. Time to start practicing slapping magic spackets
  2. Blackguard Company

    Johan might be interested I still have to get his backround approved tho.
  3. Notice of Price Increase for 2017

    I am trying hard to convince people. I have two noobs who will be coming in november unless something happens.

    Do we have to wait for november?
  5. Best of October

    Would still drive to the other camp if I had to its always worth it for novitas. Best moments as follows although I may be forgetting a few good ones. 1. Daitoro scaring the bejeezus out of a constantly dissapating fey behind the in. Made me laugh till I cried. 2. Walking into merchant town as my first pc ever and being given an incredibly valuable knecklace by Ivan as some kind of punishment to xander (xavier?). 3. Learning from oz about alchemy (I went out of my way to avoid that section of the rules so I could learn as my pc did) 4.running my ass off like an idiot through town unaware that you can walk when feared. (Made for good rp after see 5) 5. Being so wasted from running as hard as I could from elf town to the parking lot that I decided to just get hammered on crimson minotaur and pass out after. 6. Npcing an angry merchant robbed by piscean farmers and trying to convince adventurers to kill them. 7. Being your average delan out looking for a friendly honor duel to the death and getting elfsassinated in the middle of the helix. (Lucky you got a forgiving constable lol)
  6. Shift balance 2016!

    Dont worry dano it did me too might be certain browser versions or something
  7. Vehical access to tents

    If I can get my ride in there I shouldnt have a problem. The differnce being twenty feet vs a couple hundred yards.
  8. Vehical access to tents

    What is the earliest I should be there? I want to knock out the details of my charecter and have someone walk me through how crafting works.
  9. Vehical access to tents

    For my encampent I found some nice old planter urns that weigh a ton that I want to have some fresh herbs from my kitchen garden in. Problem being I don'see myself carrying them across camp. Is there vehicle access to nearby elftown? Yes I am aware that I spelled vehicle wrong. Don't know how to change the thread title.
  10. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: individual/william metott/ Johann Ridenhour Space Requested: 1 tent Encampment: yes Willing to occupy in winter months: yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 1 Two newbies in oct-nov and onward I hope.
  11. Utillity kilts yeah or nope?

    It was as an example of style I know it is as expensive as sin. I am not deadset just was looking for something between craftsman apron and kilt. Speaking of I could wear a blacksmith/battlefield surgeon apron over some armor and a kilt if that wouldnt look horrible. Its mostly the comfort factor of a kilt. the breeze realy helps with chaffing lol. And they look a lot nicer than most of ye olde pantaloons I have seen. thank you both for the help.
  12. Utillity kilts yeah or nope?

    Or this? https://angrybastardkilts.com/collections/utility-kilts-pockets/products/custom-kilt-10-oz-cotton-duck looking at datk brown or dark navy
  13. Utillity kilts yeah or nope?

    I knew about zippers nylon etc I was looking at the 100% cotton ones with brass bits
  14. Utillity kilts yeah or nope?

    Ok perfectly reasonable Im just confused as to what details specificly to avoid. half the ones on your link look just like the one on the second link I put up. Not trying to be difficult just don't want to throw my money in a burn barrel and end with something I can't use.
  15. Utillity kilts yeah or nope?

    Considering garb for my first pc I am thinking delan forester/farmer who lost his land in the flood. Looking for simple utillitarian garb and this caught my eye. http://www.utkilts.com/ut-deluxe-dark-brown-modern-utility-kilt/ Something that someone working for a living would wear not your average murder rage delan Edit: I guess what I mean is a non tartan kilt with pockets sugestions? Brown, dark navy, or maybe forest green. https://scottishkiltshop.com/utility-kilts-for-less.html