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  1. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Rykir, as he was preparing to leave town on a trip south, approached the notice board with a satchel strung across his back. Seeing Baldiseire's philanthropy made him smile, but his smile soon twisted into a devilish grin. He pulled the satchel from his back, digging around through the various pouches until he produced a small white quill pen and equally tiny bottle of ink. He scratched out the last half of the final sentence, replacing it so that it read "I can be found in Maplewood, firmly lodged up the rear end of the nearest elderman or elderwoamn." He cocked his head to the side and placed the feather against his cheek as he scrutinized his work. With a final stroke, he joined the middle two letters of the word "hope" to form a rough approximation of a penis. Satisfied, he replaced his belongings in his bag and replaced it over his back. He left town with a smile on his face, thinking "I may not be around, but that doesn't mean I can't be present for our dear Septon."

    Just putting this out there: The last few events at Kinglsey, I've been using cabin 7 as the Warden's encampment. So basically just my encampment- potentially still Pat's and Ryan's too. I slept there in October and set it up as an encampment Oct and Nov. Had no idea there were previous dibs on the place and caught no wind of anyone else interested in the space... Was this instituted before October? Just want to figure out where I should be looking to set up my encampment items and such.
  3. Questions: status charm and succubi

    Not trying to bang women with creepy black eyes?
  4. Build a Pc

    fine, instead of a skill, I present you with another trait: Pogonophobia (fear of beards)
  5. Build a Pc

    Why not? Rules say it's fair game
  6. Two question we ran into last event. 1- If a character is affected by a status 4's charm nation, will that effect show up on testing the affected persons with a diagnosis spell? 2-Second breath (and I believe resilience as well) protects a player from having their spirit reaped. Does it Also protect against a succubi stealing a part of your spark?
  7. Build a Pc

    Ah, what a shame. Racial language: Andaranien
  8. Well, it was also suggested above that maybe just adding level 1,2 or 3 spells might add utility for lower level mages, but everyone seems really fixated on the 34 more spells thing. It could instead be 14 or 21 spells.
  9. I don't see yebbing powder anywhere in the alchemy list? Is this some super rare yeb drop? When I look at the alch list, I mostly see poisons and buffs. Are there missing things from the list? I feel like maybe some cool new alchemy compounds could also add some fun effects.
  10. Wat? There are alchemicals that make pit traps? That's awesome. I don't see it on the list anywhere though. You make a lot of good points. Also, for the record, this is in no way me shitting on our current system, which works great. This is just some fun food for thought in the fun "what if" forum, you know? Healthy discussion always encourages growth :)
  11. For sure, I love the idea of adding in something that's the equivalent of "cantrips" or just things that have fun utility outside of combat- Spells that aid the more RP heavy PCs. The Sneky Sneky rats and those who like to understand more about the plots that go out. Want to hide that dead body or stash of stolen goods for an hour? *concealing spell* Want to send a sneky letter and avoid prying eyes? *magic ink* Want to prank Ivan? *Spell that lets you transmit some speech/thoughts into another player's head* (Echo, perhaps?) or *spell that makes him calm and friendly for 10 minutes* (Tranquility, maybe?) Idk, I feel like adding some lower level fun spells would be... fun
  12. While I agree that we have spells that are under-utilized by PCs, I think that a main issue of our spell system is that we have a little bit too much overlap between the functional effects of spells, meaning that we have too much redundancy in terms of control spells and disengage spells across the spell trees. Most of our spell are either designed to "make thing leave me alone" or "help me kill thing". We don't have much spell utility outside of combat at all. Other than magic lock and compulsion skills, everything is combat oriented. I'm sure that we would be able to come up with more spells. Off the top of my head- a spell that allows you to write a letter that appears invisible, a spell that allows you to use healing to damage undead (add some combat utility to resto?), the actual additon of the Blink spell from JC's belt or the ability to "blink" another player a certain distance (out of a jail cell perhaps?). Idk, those may not be the best ideas, but that took about 30 seconds. I'm sure we can find things that work. Another thing is that maybe it doesn't have to be a full 5 spells per school, just lvls 1-3 to add more versatility for lower-level casters. I think an important thing to remember is the power cap that we have in our game. It's a wonderful thing, in that it stops people from being OP and casting like it means nothing, however, it is also a double-edged sword in that it turns casting into a VERY frugal/selective process, particularly for (most) PCs who don't have their spell trees and MP all maxed out. With that in mind, using dominate like you described would be a bit silly. Nobody would waste 1/4 of their precious MP over a long shift for that kind of interaction. Give them a lvl 2 or 3 blind spell and maybe they will.
  13. Ok, so on a much more wild topic- What if we added essentially a 3rd "column" of spells to each school? I know this is something that has probably been discussed before, and I'm not nearly as convinced it's a good ideas as I am about replacing stun, however- I think that adding an extra level 1-5 spells to each school would add a lot of variety to spellcasting AND so long as we don't change the MP caps, it shouldn't change the power balance of the game at all, just add more variety and flavor. Mmm.. Flavor... I think the idea of replacing what can be considered a core spell of the game (stun) is a jarring concept to many. With so few spells, replacing one severely changes the world of Novitas as we know it. I think that by adding another 33.33333% spells to the game, we can add a lot, and take away nothing. The only thing would be a little bit of extra memorization on the part of most PCs, but let's face it, most of us D&D playing, X-wing strategizing wackadoos can easily handle learning some new spells. Plus, I think expanding the magical repertoire of Novitas will lend more "Umph" to PCs that choose to play solely as casters. I mean, many casters in the game have found themselves having to take a few combat skills just to stay alive in a very melee-driven environment. It might even be fun to organize each school of magic into "sub-classes" loosely based on the spells in each of the three trees. Idk, maybe I'm nuts, but this seems like something that, implemented with great care could really be cool. Thoughts? (Feed my need for KoN-tact please) EDIT: Poll
  14. Right, I completely agree that concessions would need to be made for combat. Things like, you can only defend when blinded, or that you have to step out of combat a few paces before "going blind". Nobody should be wildly swinging their weapons when blinded. Even if it means nerfing the combat utility of the spell, I still think it's worth it. I still think that there is an incredible utility in this spell that would make it more useful to most players than stun is. Honestly, I feel like lvl 4 compulsion spells only do a great job of serving monsters. For players, they both serve the simple task of stopping something from attacking you. That's something that can be handled by many other much less expensive spells (disengage, dissipate) and those spells aren't negated by the multitude of baddies that are immune to compulsion. Edit:clarity