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  1. October Spinning Jenny Menu

    Scribbled underneath Saturday's second meal is the following: Afterwards we will be serving Chicken Jamblya Jumbalya Jambalaya. This dish truly puts the "Season" in "Seasonings", featuring delicate grains of rice, chicken, and spices from all over the known world!
  2. October Spinning Jenny Menu

    With last month's notice ripped off, a new one had been tacked onto the board. This one is relatively stain-free, but the paper is crumpled as if someone had put it in their pockets before delivering it to the board. It reads: The Weather outside might be chilling you to the bones, but the hearth at the Spinning Jenny is still piping hot! Come in today for some wonderful meals prepared by our kitchen staff! Or stop by for a quick snack- try one of our legendary Pinedale Sausages, Pinedale Popped Corns, or Pinedale Pretzels! Friday evening will be penne pasta served with a well-to-do tomato sauce. The sauce is enriched with the Spinning Jenny's special selection of grounded meats, and is sure to stave off the winter chill! Saturday morning's offerings are sure to be a crowd pleaser! We will be serving a beautiful quiche for the early-risers, and it sure is enough to get you started on your day! Hashbrowns, bacons and eggs join together into one wonderful dish! During dinner on Saturday, we will be serving a hearty meal. Potatoes that have been finely sliced are baked with rich cheeses and chopped onions. The Spinning Jenny is also serving succulent pork cutlets, and paired with the potatoes it is a meal so rich and savory that even a dragon will want to add it to his hoard! ** Please be aware that catering to special dietary needs is not a service of the Inn or Operations' Inn staff at Kingdoms of Novitas. While players will occasionally go out of their way to provide alternatives, it is not something we can do on a regular basis. Players with special dietary preferences should always come to events prepared to feed themselves with the appropriate foods. If you have any serious or life-threatening allergies please let the inn keeper know so we don’t serve you something that will send you into shock.
  3. Spinning Jenny Menu

    Tacked up to the opening of the Spinning Jenny is an advertisement of the Inn's offerings. Whoever wrote this had decent handwriting at best, and left a smudge of something yellow and crisp on the top of the paper where it had been held as the paper was nailed into the wall. The Spinning Jenny is delighted to offer the following meals, and encourages residents to take a break from the cold weather to warm up! Friday evening we will be serving freshly cooked pasta, joined with a rich tomato sauce with ground meat. From adventurers to even the Constables, this meal will give you enough energy and warmth to brave even the wilds of Maplewood! After that the Spinning Jenny will be offering a filling breakfast. You will find hashbrowns, hot biscuits and scrambled eggs waiting for you as you begin to settle into your day. We will then be serving a very familiar meal. Fresh chicken sliced and cooked with seasonings, before it is mixed within a batch of rice. A comfort food like no other, don't skip out on this cozy meal! If you find yourself feeling the chill later in the day, why not stop in to the Spinning Jenny for some pulled pork?
  4. Music Boxes

    ah ok, thank you deathwish
  5. dnd

    What edition do people play? Would there be interest for a campaign over Roll20?
  6. Music Boxes

    I think this is the right spot to ask this? I was wondering if crank-and-play music boxes were too advanced for the game, or if they're allowed. I did a forum search before I asked, but it didn't seem like it was being asked in this context?
  7. Hey! Although it might be a bit late to do this, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. It might be a bit until I'm actually physically present at Novitas, but I do lurk the boards a good deal to keep up on the misadventures of Maplewood. Some of you might know me through Dagorhir, I'm lookin' forward to returning to the game again! - Mellifera
  8. Howdy!

    Hello, it's wonderful to finally introduce myself to the people of Novitas. My name is Sarah, but you can call me by my Dag name, Mellifera. I run around mostly with the fine folk of Barenheim, and I've started playing some Pathfinder as well. I'm pretty fond of bees. If you are interested in getting into Beekeeping, I can probably answer any question you've got! :D Have a beautiful day, everyone!