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  1. August Preproduction

    Production: Month 1: Scroll of Anti-Magic Shield (2pp) Scroll of Resilience x3 (9pp) Scroll of Enfeeble (4pp) Scroll of Aura of Reflection x3 (15pp, 3 ink) Month 2: Scroll of Mend Armor x5 (5pp) Scroll of Anti-magic Aura (4pp) Scroll of Shadowskin x2 (10pp, 2ink) Scroll of Detect Spark x2 (8pp) Scroll of Elemental Weapon (3pp) Crafting: Month 1: Belt of Dissipate 2/gday (16 cp including mastery) Shackles of Grounding (8cp) Month 2: Gloves of Anti-Magic Shield 2/gday (16cp including mastery) Shackles of Grounding (8cp) Items that Need replacing: Rituals: Craftman's Raiment x1 Cripple x1 Harmony x1 Ironbark x2 Mirrorball x1 Regeneration x3 Undead Detection x2 Wither x1 Scrolls: Scroll of Anti-Magic Aura x2 Scroll of Anti-Magic Shield x4 Scroll of Aura of Reflection x3 Scroll of Lesser Command x1 ->Detect Spark Scroll of Second Breath x2
  2. New Necromancy Tree!

    Good catch. Fixed!
  3. Ye

    You are always welcome to NPC any shift. In fact you get bonus XP for doing more than 2 shifts of NPCing.
  4. June Preproduction

    Ring of Toughness 2/ gday Belt of Dissipate 2/ gday Scroll of Toughness Scroll of Synchronize x6 Two Step Venom x1 (makes 2)
  5. A legal rapier?

    Thrusting weapons are legal at Novitas, there are spears and swords that thrust. The rule you are quoting has more to do with things like punch daggers. We don't want someone attacking with a punching motion where if a person is in the wrong place they get actually punched.
  6. May Preproduction

    For Enzo: Crafting: Captain Maplewood Shield of Enchant Shield 3/ GD Production: All Scrolls Enchant Shield x2 (4PP) Memory Loss x2 (6PP) Synchronize x3 (12PP) Anti-Magic Shield x4 (8 PP)
  7. March Preproduction

    Surcoat of Dissipate 3/ game day. Scroll of Fear Scroll of Silence Scroll of Repel Undead 3x Scroll of Magic Lock 2x Scroll of Triage Scroll of Grounding Scroll of Ruin 3x Scroll of Magic Swarm
  8. February Preproduction

    Crafting: Surcoat Improved Magic Armor 2/gd Production: 1x Anesthesia 1x Dilution Solution 1x Transmutation 2x Potion of Heal Mortal Wound 1x Scroll of Synchronize 1x Scroll of Battle Mastery 1x Scroll of Shadowskin
  9. January Preproduction

    Production 1 Reap Spirit Scroll (1) 1 Affection Confection (3) 5 Sanctuary Scrolls (3) 2 Smelling Salts (3) 1 Two-Step Venom (5) (which creates 2 total) Crafting: Library (Level 5) - assuming I can find a decent prop in time
  10. December Preproduction

    5 Dissipate Potions 4 Minor Power Elixirs 2 Truth Serum 2 Wolfsbane 2 Base Paste
  11. November Preproduction

    Production (30): Minor Power Elixir (1pp, 1 coin) Elixir of Wisdom (1 PP, 1 coin) Alchemist's Fire x2 (6pp, 6 coin) Vial of Acid x3 (9pp, 9 coin) Rejuvenation Elixir x2 (4PP, 4 coin) Mind Expanding Elixir (4pp, 4 coin) Elixir of Cosmic Power (5PP, 5coin) Crafting: (20) Belt of +2 Magic Power (12 craft points, 60 coin) Ring of Dissipate (8 Craft Points, 40 coin)
  12. October Preproduction

    Crafting (20 points) 1 Necklace of Dissipate 1/gd (40 coin, 8 pts) 1 Ring of Dissipate 1/gd (40 coin, 8 pts) 1 Ring of Heal Body 1/gd (20 coin, 4 pts) Production (30 pts): Truth Serum (4 Coin, 4 pts) Ritual Candle (3 Coin, 3 pts) Mind Expanding Elixir (4 Coin, 4pts) Elixir of Wisdom (2 Coin, 2 pts) Base Paste (2 Coin, 2 pts) Ogre Extract (5 Coin, 5 Pts) Transmutation (5 Coin, 5 pts) Elixir of Cosmic Power (5 coin, 5 pts) Total: 130 coin
  13. Magic Power / Magic Objects / Consumables

    You could also stretch those points further once you've mastered a school by getting a staff of wizardry for the school. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Staffofwizardryrule
  14. Magic Power / Magic Objects / Consumables

    Your understanding is correct on all points. It's worth also noting that Feb Feast items are excluded from the 20 power points from magic items cap.
  15. Hello

    So what you generally want is something you can put other garb on top of. For combative npcs there are sometimes full costumes, and for non-combat npcs there are a variety of full sets of garb that are sometimes relevant (dresses for example). As I've never worn a skirt during game I can't speak to if they do or do not work well with those criteria and will let some other helpful soul speak up. Also welcome!