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  1. May Preproduction

    I'll be crafting/ producing the following: 1 Mirror of Sophistry 1 Hermetic Rod 1 Thaumaturgist's Mortar 1 Philospoher's Stone 5 Ritual Ink (edited Sunday at midnight) 1 Catholicon 1 pair of shackles of grounding (prop already exists and is numbered, was removed from game, paying to recreate it) 1 ring of +4 Production 1 Light tube
  2. Lost and Found April Edition

    Just discovered that I have no idea where my purple satchel may be. I know I took it off behind logistics at the beginning of 4th shift. Unsure if it then got brought with me when I went to sleep at the Jenny. And was too sick Sunday morning to really have any idea if I noticed it then. Nevermind: it has been located.
  3. Lost and Found April Edition

    Throwing dagger is almost certainly Rob Denney's he lost a few during 3rd shift.
  4. Production Points Use

    2. Confirmed that yes you can, and it is now mentioned on the same page of the wiki that I linked in my previous post.
  5. Production Points Use

    1. Yup. For more information here is the relevant page in the wiki: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Checkin And the relevant paragraph: The first time a player signs-in with a new character they receive one coin for each level that character has and do not have to pay any coin costs to use production points or crafting points. 2. I believe yes, but that isn't actually specifically in the wiki. Will verify with Dan, likely add it to the wiki and then post the link here later.
  6. Feb Feast 2018 Auction Items

    If Enzo gets this it will be so OP, it will last the entire event long because it can't possibly trigger! You've all been warned.

    Funny story about funny stories: due to a miscommunication it turns out that the out of character gesture of arm over head IS official, but other hand gestures are not. I'll be adding that to the wiki this weekend. Good catch.

    Correct, it is only a rule for bows (and the crossbow). This was done to buff those weapons slightly and give them a little more versatility.

    Funny story, and a big part of why I made this wiki (conflicting information): having your arm over your head doesn't officially mean being out of character. It's a holdover from other systems that people frequently use, but it isn't actually a rule in this game. As for looking for discrepancies please let me know, I'm sure there are errors still in there to be found, and I am looking forward to fixing them. Plus there are a lot of things just like this out there that need to be addressed in some way.
  10. Mae govannen

    Whacky bats?! I like that name.
  11. Here's a response from Ryan.
  12. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Later that evening the words "firmly lodged up the rear end of the nearest elderman or elderwoamn" have been crossed out. A note next to the sentence reads: "I've checked all of the elder people and can confirm that Baldiserie is not in any of their rears. That is apparently not one of the things the helix makes possible. -Enzo."

    If anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. feigning death

    Having trouble finding the source to quote for this, but the short version is you can't fake being dead because there would be no way to tell who is actually dead and who is pretending, and on a real battlefield there would be obvious ways to check "That person is covered in blood versus that other person just fell over in the middle of the fight."
  15. Hi I'm Ryan Green lots of you already know me, some of you just met me this weekend. Having spent years listening to Pat Lane and Adam talk ENDLESSLY (whether I wanted them to or not) about Novitas I feel like I already know half of you. I would have joined sooner but that would mean letting Pat Lane get his way, and that's always a dangerous prospect. I am one of the owners at Jupiter Games in Johnson City, NY (Binghamton). Before that I have a long and colorful history of jobs including professional poker player, sous chef, and assistant editor/ intern at White Wolf Publishing. Looking forward to actually getting to know you all in the future.