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  1. February Pre-production

    I'd like to craft: 4 dissipate potions.
  2. Fun side project

    I will be interested! I'll find a picture or get one this event.
  3. February Preproduction

    1 Dissipate Potion! ...Plz
  4. Hi

    Dear All, I hope to see you in two months. Best wishes!
  5. Hi

    I just found that I have to be back in Rochester Sunday at 10:30 AM. Eather I can get back by then or I will have to wait until next time. Is there any way I could get back in time? I was planning on riding with Asian Dave but he was going to the lunch get together thing after the larp. Is there someone else going to Rochester early that morning I could ride with? Maybe?
  6. Hi

    Hi ? I have never been to anything like larp. Then I met Asian Dave. He invited me to the next event, in a month or so, and I can't wait to come! I look forward to seeing you!