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  1. Trying to find a staff

    Hi all! Hoping to start coming back to Novitas with a vengeance now that it's warm again. I kinda imagine my PC using a staff as a weapon and was hoping to get advice on where to get a good (also affordable for recent college grad) one. I've seen a few from Epic Armory that would fit my criteria, but I'm wondering if there are any I should steer away from due to safety or other previous issues. This is one I've been considering: https://tinyurl.com/l5qdyfu
  2. Hello!

    Hi all! My name is Michelle. I was one of the small Binghamton group that showed up to the June event (I'm kind of quiet so it's ok if I didn't make much of an impression, but if it helps I was one of the little girl ghosts who wanted to meet/be a princess). Events have panned out so that I should be able to come back for August! I'm very excited to actually PC this time and to get to hang out with you guys more! Really only one question: who do I send my backstory into? But I plan on playing a mostly Restoration and Aegis caster from Civen if anyone has any tips. My little Greco-Roman loving heart jumped at the chance to make a proper chiton, but my fighting skills (sufficient for my university's LARP) aren't quite on the Novitas level, hopefully NPC shifts will help that.