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  1. New Coinage

    Thought id add a few Terra inspired coins.
  2. New Coinage

  3. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    http://nbrowne.imgur.com/all/#1 The full set is complete. Note that this is a beta, i.e. first draft.
  4. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    So the hope is to get a bunch of player's best photos and use those as the card art. So let me find a good spot to recieve the photos and ill post it here.
  5. So I've had a bit of time on my hands lately, so i decided I would try my hand at making a Magic: The Gathering custom set centered around Novitas, its characters and lore! It'll likely be done in a month or two. This is no cube; it will be fully draftable. I also hope to have a good number of PCs enshrined in their own card! I hope this is something we can all enjoy and have fun with. This set is still in construction and nothing is finalized, so if anyone wants to lend a hand in reviewing/editing the set feel free to PM me. The set will have ~260 unique cards with references from across the whole lore of Novitas. And of course, a spoiler.
  6. Plastidipping

    Thanks! this information will help tremendously
  7. Plastidipping

    So i 'm planning on redoing the paint job on my new goblin iron/nature sword as it flaked off almost entirely last game (damn you cold weather/long curing times!) and i want to do it right this time. Therefore, as per Dave's advice, i want to put a black plastidip base layer on the sword, THEN paint over then and seal it w/ through the roof. The sword is an epicarmoury Dark Elven Longsword for reference; your basic foam latex weapon. So my questions are: 1) Do you have to put a spray adhesive on underneath the plastidip layer? I understand that plastidip will happily peel off with enough abuse and i'd rather not have to go through painting this a third time. 2) If so, what kind of adhesive is best? general purpose or a more specialized kind? 3) How many coats of plastidip is appropriate? I've never done it before so i'm unsure. 4) how long should i let the plastidip cure for before i start painting it? 5) Is acrylic paint good enough to use in this case? I very much want to avoid cracking. 6) How many coats of through the roof do you guys use to seal your weapons?
  8. Townsfolk

    Oh this makes me happy.
  9. Best of Novitas New Year

    Definitely a few highlights for me! -Getting to be an angry, ANGRY Piscean leading an army of badass elementals to wipe out the adventurers of Pinedale was awesome. Always fun to play a boss monster NPC! -Watching Marcus and Jaroth nearly gamble away everything the Templar Legion had. -Being wandering bandits and getting to gank a lone PC guarding an ooze. Always nice to hear a PC scream for help >:) -getting to test out my new sword out on a a bandit.
  10. Novitas New Year 2017

    Just preregged, nothing like a last minute decision! Can't wait, heard great things about Feb feast and I'm sure this'll be great!
  11. A few unrelated questions

    That was tremendously helpful! thanks!
  12. Hey guys, just a few random questions I've been wondering about. They're kind of parsed out over different things so i didn't know what sub-forum to post under. 1) If I have a crafted sword that has damage calls built into it (i.e. a 20 point marshal weapon with goblin iron/nature), can i enchant it with something like silvershine in order to be able to pick from any of the three calls on my blade? Or does the enchantment overrule the other damage calls? 2)Who do i talk to about getting one of those sweet leather potion racks? I'm specifically talking about the kind people wear on their belts, arms or upper thighs. 3)I need help painting a goblin iron/nature weapon and i need to know what kinds of paint and sealant to use for best quality. Its an epicarmory if that helps. 4)I'm thinking about building a small passive buckler with tools i got for Christmas. I understand size requirements but if someone could pass along any tips on core construction/safety i would be very appreciative. I'm under the assumption a thick foam lined piece of painted plywood is insufficient. 5)Does anyone play Magic: The Gathering at NNY? I've never been to one and it sounds like a great time! Very excited! Ok, that should be everything, thanks in advance!
  13. Shields and where to get them?

    Oddly enough i actually cannot do those things. I have no access to drills or saws. I love this game and larp in general but damn does it bite the ol' wallet hard.
  14. Shields and where to get them?

    Just put in a custom order for a tower shield. His pieces look amazing!
  15. Shields and where to get them?

    Where would I be able to acquire a legal shield? I've decided to sheathe the greatsword for a little while and i want to pick up a relatively inexpensive shield. I've seen so many awesome designs from everyone over the last few months, where do you all get yours? I assume its easier to make one myself but since i don't have the tools or workshop space that may be difficult.