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    Music, composing, acting, and being a nerd. WHAT A LIFE.
  1. Dancing

    I could try to find some sheet music. I'll definitely be willing to learn this. :)
  2. Powefrul music

    I was thinking the same thing today! It would be a great way to get bards to be out on the field or at least have an even greater use! Heck, perhaps music or improving can do certain things, like cast charm or something.
  3. The Last Time At Omar's Hammer

    Niccolo was simply packed when word came around. He didn't have much as it was. Just the clothes on his back, his sword and his viola. He decided that in this time of sadness, they needed to find some joy. He had already seen too much sadness around him. He brought his viola with him towards the Inn, unsure of what he was gonna do. He waved to his friends by the fire, no doubt awestruck by the revelation of what we were doing. Where we were going. He tried to stifle any thoughts of remorse and sadness. There was no time for crying. When he entered the Inn, the place he called a home for such a short time, he noticed Ellenor sitting down, almost as if she was hiding something. He wanted to ask her, but almost felt that words would do nothing in this situation. Instead, he just sat down and unpacked his instrument. Like before, the glimmer of the polish made him feel comfortable. A place...he never thought he'd grow attached to a location. Nothing but trees and monsters. But it was more than that somehow. It was somehow...a home. And now, once again, home was lost to him. "I wonder...maybe we need a solemn tune. Not one to make us cry...but one to make us look back and always remember...but what?" Then it hit him. And he began to play outside the Inn, something that seemed sad. But in reality, it was his way of praying. Praying that all of his friends and allies make it safely to Maplewood. Because in the end, they were all that mattered. As much as he was gonna miss the town, it was just a place. It's the people that truly make it special.
  4. Music sharing, ideas etc.

    Hey guys! So, in light of me bringing my viola and playing random stuff, I thought to myself that this game deserves it's own music. Thought up and designed by it's members, and composed by me (if anyone wants to help compose it, please feel free! :) ) This will also be a place where, if you have any cool music to share whether for inspiration or just cause, you can post it. I just want to create music for people to experience. I really want to bring new musical themes and ideas to the people of Pinedale! Because why not, you deserve it!