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  1. !!!!!

    Glad you're joining us! (and ceiling fans can be quite creative. I mean they can be colorful or blend in and there are many styles) So, you may very well surprise yourself!!!
  2. Best of September 2016

    Conversations with Mercy, sad fiancee, a vampire and Laeli--I mean M. Learning to throw knives (REAL KNIVES) Bard Circle (wished I could have stayed longer, sorry) Family time Smart Ass in the Inn. Singing songs with the Inn Keeper and then helping push Thaerion off the bench.
  3. Great Weapon Question

    Now that it is brought up, I am also curious of the answer. . .
  4. Warnings

    That is totally fair. Take your time. Honestly, it was more weird when they were gone for that little bit of time. It kinda, well, um, feels like home when they're there. (okay, I'm weird, what can i say)
  5. Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

    I saw that and was wondering. Thanks! In character-hit up Sabine next time you see her in game. Out of character. I can do a crock pot of pulled pork OR sausage and peppers and onions. I'm working on getting my sauce right via crock pot, so I'm not going to offer that yet. Let me know what will work and if you want that.
  6. Who was I making things for again?

    I gave you coin to build me a catapult. . .
  7. Warnings

    Nope, not crazy. . . well, at least not for the thing about the warnings. *giggle* They were gone for a little while cause Lady Kate was lamenting about them being gone when they upgraded the stuff.
  8. Hello

    Also, you can take your time with developing your PC (player character). Mine only came into game after I had been playing for six months. I was an NPC (non-player character) for full event for my first six months. I wanted to have a true understanding of the world as well as have an older more veteran type of player character. (she's the owner of an entertainment troupe that travels all over Novitas.) With just NPCing, I was able to understand how the other folks interacted in the world AND built up experience points and levels before I brought my character in. So, there are many different ways to do this and to play this game. Let your imagination run wild!!!
  9. Interest

    And there are several off us that have characters who do not fight and solely do the role play. There are also several of us who are married AND both halves play.
  10. Warnings

    Not sure if it matters, and I know that some of us are used to it, but the familiar bunch of warnings is appearing above the blogs again. Ah, nostalgia.
  11. Merchant Wares

    The seven pointed star is the only one that I can think of.
  12. Hello Everyone!

    And, understand that this is just a taste of things that you can do in game. My character is (technically) a merchant who owns a productions company that provides entertainment. Sometimes it's talent shows, sometimes plays, sometimes other kinds of shows. It's something new for a LARP. So, if you think it would fit in medieval times, even if it's something new, ask around, see if it will be approved and get as creative as your heart wants to be. Also, only ask the Rhinos how to fight, do NOT ask them how to win friends and influence people (at least in character, out of character they are actually awesome people, in character, they are a frat party with weapons).
  13. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    Okay, I haven't gotten to look through all of them yet, BUT DAMN!!!! This looks pretty freaking cool! (and damn, has Magic gotten more complicated than when I played it!)
  14. Pictures

    It is a closed group. Some folks do not have Facebook. Shane, the photos are typically done by Kat and Julie (and there are probably others that I am just not thinking of at the moment). They usually have more than a hundred pictures uploaded, but you might want to message them and see if/how they can help you out.
  15. Dead Legends is a horror LARP currently run out of Felton, PA. This past weekend it celebrated it's one year anniversary. It's a year round LARP that is historically accurate up to the start of the American Civil War. That's where things take a turn to an alternate reality. The South won the war and the United States never became what it is now. The game focuses on nerf guns, though I did see several LARP swords, boffer shovels, pixaxes and one woman had an incredibly well made boffer broom! So there is both melee combat and gunfights sometimes in the same battles. Game starts around 9 or 10 pm on friday and runs constantly until noon on sunday. NPC shifts stop at 2am both nights. But the game still continues. And, everyone plays an NPC for one shift each, BUT those shifts are only four hours long. That's it. Characters pick places to be from, the same as Novitas. But the different countries are based on what was going on in the world around the late 1800s. Player characters still pick their skills, but there are skills that can only be learned in game, or be taught. All crafting happens IN GAME. All items have a card that goes with them that shows the details of the physical representation that is typically carried. The game uses "focus" in place of things like magic points, but the focus also can be used on skills and such you can do. There is actually a LOT of roleplay in this game and a lot of traveling around the camp. I played an NPC for the entire event and had a LOT of fun with it. I did some of the fights and did alright. The folks that run it all play two or three LARPs, so they understand what's going on. They all helped me with any details of rules or lore that I needed to know and everyone did a great job of making me feel welcome. So, if you don't mind the drive and are looking for something different, I would definitely suggest giving it a try. (yes, I am horrible at writing reviews, cause there is no chronology to them, but if you have any questions, you can let me know and I'll try to help you out)