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  1. Start Time Change

    We are still allowed on site at 4pm, correct?
  2. RP Skill Advancement

    *curtsy* Thank you.
  3. RP Skill Advancement

    Wait, I sent two, are you talking about both of mine?
  4. Spells and dead bodies

    That makes sense. Well, I guess that means the long method. . . *breaks out needle and thread*
  5. Spells and dead bodies

    So, if someone were to be dead dead. Spark in the well, no hope of coming back. And their body happens to have an arm chewed off by a Skaven, cause you know, Skaven gotta eat. Let's say Sabine wants to return the body to the family cause they want to have a nice little ceremony in their family plot behind their house. Could I cast Restore Limb so that the body would be whole for the family?
  6. Fight Practice Scenarios/Games

    *blush* Hey, it means you're my inspiration!! My muse, even! Think of it as a compliment!!!! (And, yeah, as a non-stabbie, stabbie, I'm not really going to have a lot of experience to draw from for fight practice)
  7. Fight Practice Scenarios/Games

    Have one or two people in a "sanctuary" and three Kavaks or Skaven or whatever you find appropriate waiting for the Sanctuary to go down. Either the rest of the actual fighters can be ready to take on the NPCs from behind OR the two in the sanctuary can get themselves ready or do whatever it is you can do from inside a sanctuary.
  8. RP Skill Advancement

    So, if I am wanting Medium level one and Merchant to go from level one to level two, could I be entering one level for each of those in this cycle or is it just one RP level per cycle?
  9. New Coinage


    I can understand that. Thank you, gentlemen.

    So, I noticed that missile weapons (crossbows and bows) you can divide your damage in half and use the "pierce" ability. Is that not also true for throwing weapons when you have thrown weapon master?
  12. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (Okay, I'm not great with Novitas time, but are you saying it's from 3pm to 8pm? Does it last that long or you are just willing to teach anytime within that period?)

    <3 you Ryan!!!!