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    I can understand that. Thank you, gentlemen.

    So, I noticed that missile weapons (crossbows and bows) you can divide your damage in half and use the "pierce" ability. Is that not also true for throwing weapons when you have thrown weapon master?
  3. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (Okay, I'm not great with Novitas time, but are you saying it's from 3pm to 8pm? Does it last that long or you are just willing to teach anytime within that period?)

    <3 you Ryan!!!!


    THANK YOU ALL for you work on this. Is this now the source to go by for rules?
  7. It's Joseph Weeg!!

    *giggle* Typically I would warn you that Maggie will be around soon and she'll give you super brilliant advice. BUT you probably already know that. So, yeah, she'll be around eventually. Also, this is the site for the BLOGS!!! That's right, some of us write about what our PCs do in between games or before events or in the past. So, yeah, check that out when you get a chance. Also, really listen to what Maggie tells you just to make sure you're on top of everything.
  8. feigning death

    Okay. I can see that. Thanks.
  9. feigning death

    So, in the other LARP I play, there is a skill that allows you to fake being dead so that people don't shoot at you. I know we do not have it as a skill, BUT are we allowed to play dead during a battle?
  10. Crafting suggestion

    A) You are making a BROAD assumption that we all live in Maplewood. NO, we don't all live here. I have repeatedly told people that I/Sabine does not, nor does Marcella nor does Winora (at least at this point). B) You also make it seem like we are going to show you EVERYTHING in our homes/houses/cabins. There are folks who have phys reps of how they make potions, but some of us don't allow sketchy people (or ANYONE we don't know) into our encampment. C)I understand what you are saying, but realize that there is only so much room in cars and people only have so much money, so requiring something that may not even be used during an event could be asking a lot for some people. Yes it would be a cool thing to see, but not everyone is going to flash all they do to the entire world.
  11. November Spinning Jenny Menu

  12. Merchant Wares

    That is totally allowed in game. BUT I will warn you, the character that is well known for it is considered kinda crazy (OOG she is well loved). She does custom readings as well and does it for free. So, just be aware of that before you try to make money off of it. You could also make sure to PC the shifts opposite of Joy and then you would be the person to go to.
  13. Build your own. . .

    I know, I'm just mentioning it cause I'm in a Halloween mindset. . . and *reasons*
  14. So, what would happen if a necromancer was maybe stealing body parts from dead monsters and putting them together to create his own golem? I mean, it is Halloween and all. . .
  15. Questions: status charm and succubi

    Or not running into their arms?