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  1. Racial Languages

  2. RP Skill Advancement is upon us! For those of us who don’t know, RP skills are the 5 skills on the front of the character sheet: Chosen, Medium, Merchant, Status, and Druid. In order to advance in each of them, we (Plot) need to know what you did to merit advancing to the next level in your chosen track. While level 1 in a skill can be requested year-round, levels 2-5 can only be requested at RP Skill Advancement time. Two RP skill tracks can be chosen for any PC, but the secondary one can only go as high as level 2. You can only advance one level at any given time. If you have two RP skills that you want to advance, only send us the one you think has the higher chance of being approved. When we consider the advancement requests, we only consider RP that has occurred at game. Any RP in blogs or between games is not considered (but it’s still awesome for flavor, so keep blogging!). If we end up deciding that you don’t quite have enough to get to the next level, that’s fine! Keep what you wrote, and you can use that, in addition to future RP, to apply again in the summer. They require the following information (please just copy and paste the categories and fill them in): Player Name: PC Name: Current RP Skills (Level): Why advancement or new skill?: Please highlight plot interactions, PC-to-PC interactions, character history, and any other relevant information to help us understand the whys of approval/advancement. These are due February 10th at 11:59 PM. Email them to caitlin.udas.kon@gmail.com, or send them to Caitlin U on the forums.
  3. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    1) Who is planning on going. Marcella 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. Marcella has reached out to her to talk about a possible business arrangement for the brothel she is planning on setting up 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. Sassafras - Ellie Grimm's prostitute NPC from last game 4) What shift are you planning to go do this? - Shift 2 5) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game. 6) We will not make any assurances or promises that the adventure you're going on is a good idea, won't kill your PCs, be easy, or won't change the world as a whole. It may not work out like you think it will, but we also won't immediately screw over anyone who submits these adventures. Anything can happen
  4. Build a Pc

    Estimate value
  5. Best of May

    This event was great. Some of the fun things that happened ... Becoming Drinkwater's second wife, getting stabbed through the hand during the wedding ceremony Getting to wear the amazing new Buzzer Queen wing and crown! Every time I play a darkness worshipper and I'm questioned, I always leave the encounter regretting that I didn't just impale myself on the sword. Well, I finally did it. Ended up getting revived and then killed by Marcus, but goal accomplished none-the-less. It was great seeing the talent show come together Ended up having around an hour and a half conversation with Ivan in character (longest one-on-one interaction I've had so far in character) Going out into the woods with a client because he couldn't afford to rent a room in the inn, kicking up an area on the ground before we left
  6. The Masked Players Company

    This sounds like such a fun idea! I would be in.
  7. This is how I post blogs now

    I can't post more than 260 words, so here is how I do this now