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  1. Saw KoN at the con.

    One thing that I have learned from experience: if you need eyeglasses but can't wear contacts, it's preferable to have eyeglasses that do not turn into sunglasses in the light. There are quite a few people who do wear eyeglasses, but sunglasses look very out of place. Occasionally in combat someone will make a mistake and bop your head, and then your glasses can break. The solution I found was to order a pair of old-fashioned eyeglasses online for less than $20, just for the LARP, that didn't become sunglasses or risk breaking my good pair. It's really important to get yourself on solid footing before you start to PC. Whether this will be after 2 shifts of NPCing or a game or few later, that's up to you. By unusual circumstances I played my snow goblin first shift during my very first game, and while it was exhilarating, it was also disorientating. I later found that the worldbook really helps with familiarizing yourself with the world. If you want to PC next game, try to learn as much as you can before hand so you can make your oracle's introduction as smooth as possible. You can start building connections with other characters and getting wrapped up in plotlines. On the other hand, NPCing an entire event can be amazing because then you get to be about a dozen different roles over the course of the weekend. Variety, fun, and making plot happen! Just do what feels right for you!
  2. Paper Fans

    I saw some gorgeous paper fans on Etsy I'm considering getting for my Snow Goblin. Would fans of this style be appropriate to the setting?
  3. Another Newbie Arrives!

    Hi! I'm Sarah. I joined in October and I'm quite glad I did. I hope you have an amazing time at the next weekend's game! I can't make that one, but I hope to meet you at a later game. NPCing is a blast, because you get to have a great variety of experiences in different roles, and it's really good to get familiar with the game world before you roleplay as a PC. From your LARP experience description I must ask: are you also from The Wayfinder Experience?
  4. Best of April 2017

    As an NPC, I enjoyed being: a pixie, and I improvised a duet with an elf while we picked flowers. I was thrilled! a buzzer- but this time, a sword-wielding corrupted one! a bandit thrust into a leadership position. The casual cruel bandit banter was the best. a villager hook for highwaymen who discussed family problems with her sister in the inn. an illiterate slave who accidently poisoned her mistress with tea 10 high points of PC shift among many: Saving the life of a villager poisoned by the well, with catholicon. Chatting with Ban, with her prostitute companions, and speaking in Ban's defense throughout game The fiend siege! Nicolo and several noncombatants. High drama and narrow escapes! Healing an unidentified person's mortal wounds in a bandit fight, followed by evisceration by bandits Joy's fortune reading! Top notch roleplay and pleasant but foreboding interaction. People who were really kind to Ashina! The number and general sweetness was quite heartwarming. Oz's semi-public shaming and punishment about negligent inquisitor-related harm, and staggering out of merchant town. Ah, conflict! Touching conversation including crying over her parents and shame with Octavious. Chest-burster in the inn! Grotesque shrine to Nox in the woods! The horror elements held my attention. ...standing ground leading to brutal death under starlight in the final fight.
  5. hello :)

    Hi, Chloe! It's good to meet you! Novitas is quite organized and is a good place to begin Larping. Are you putting a character together, or do you plan on NPCing the whole time? NPCing lets you have a bunch of smaller roles, and there are the painted-face roles with cool makeup. PCing with the right preparation can get quite immersive and provides excellent opportunity for strong emotional experiences, in addition to the NPC roles you'll still do. I will be there in April, so if you see an exceptionally short snow goblin running around, you can always join her. Ashina might have fangs, but she doesn't bite. I joined in October. People are kind here and will help you. We work together to make some amazing stories. It's okay to be shy, and you will find yourself with many friends before you know it. If you are worried about the acting, they usually send out NPCs in groups, and the PC is yours to make, so you have all the time to practice and get things the way you like. I hope that whatever choice you make, you have an excellent first game!
  6. Best of February

    The second day was pretty great from start to finish! I was able to cry as both PC and NPC. It was my second time as Ashina, and she made a lot of new friends but had a very long day. The NPC plots 4th shift was on the mark! Ten good things off the top of my head: -Scene with the guy in silver and green who cheered up my goblin after she was thoroughly dismembered by orcs. - 2nd shift morning inn interactions. Mercy and the knitting lady and the white-haired faekin guy especially. -Scarecrows at the inn. -The twigblight plot broke my heart and felt very atmospheric! Props to you, tragic treeman! -I loved the boggart. Really good voice work, made funny plot funnier and horror plot more complex and creepy! -The ghosts that I couldn't see in character, you were creepy and persistent! -Inquisitor NPCS had me fooled, and then scared. < 3 -Agreeing to play child NPC, becoming the kid torture victim in the horror plot with faeries. - Interactions with Gershian noble NPC was unsettling in a good way - As a gravespawn, actually hit a PC with a sword.
  7. Best of November

    1. I was thrilled to get to play a buzzer again. Twice actually! During both first shift and third. Sorry/not sorry for strolling through your funeral rite with my buzzer sisters while buzzing Row, Row, Your Boat in an off-key round. Same to the various people we chased and swarmed in our pursuit for the queen. I liked picking flowers and singing with guys in armor and the queen during the buzzer reprise. The light-hearted, cheery roles, mainly the buzzers and the carnival barker, were good changes of pace for me. I really started getting into the carnie's character and developing the role. The combat of the tournament was exciting. 2. Since I NPC'd the whole game, I also was impressed with the amount of corpses in various stages that I got to play. I played three monster victims, and three undead. I got to hear some amazing roleplay happen when I was laying around in a blood-soaked torn gown and playing a Kazvac victim, and when I got mauled earlier by a werewolf for running slow and my npc comrades found me and gave a tearful reaction to the fact the PCs weren't showing up. The person who screamed "SNAKE," in the first one, I got the reference, and almost broke character. 3.I also played Schrodinger's hostage during forth shift, in which after an amazingly inventive bomb plot (seriously, props for the bomb prop), the impressive mass of PCs who responded to the hook argued with me out-of-character that, no, despite what the other NPC said, I hadn't actually gotten blown up. Regardless, the scene was pretty epic for all actors involved. I also figured out that the lead kidnapper would cast ley lines as soon as you revived her, and I still found it hilarious when she did even though I was still acting out crying, shaking and being very traumatized at the time. I'm happy I got a total cry role since I haven't had a good cry larp in a few years. 4. I liked being another plot orc and an elemental. This time, I was an orc caddy who literally ended up rolling in the woods upon death, but fortunately, I got found. I'm pretty amused that It took about thirty minutes of preparation for a water elemental encounter which ended after thirty seconds. My eyebrows were still pretty blue for a day. This was a new role for me, though, so it was fully worth it. 5. Chanting was also fun. Whether it was Friday's undead versus orc chant-off resulting from a bunch of tired NPCs, or Darkness cult chanting while we tried to lure the PCs to a ritually sacrificed constable, I liked chanting. Nothing like feeling part of a group. 6. The sky was very beautiful and I was so happy it didn't rain this time. I had a great time running, singing, dancing, skipping, sobbing, screaming, shambling, chanting, giggling, fighting, and dying under the wonderful starlit sky. I almost fell a sleep to the drone of people calling their attacks during the last undead fight. 7.All-in-all: BRAINSNOX
  8. Hello!

    Hi, I'm Sarah! I heard about this game and I will be attending this weekend. I have LARPed before, but this will be my first game with boffer. I'm really looking forward to it!