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  1. May Preproduction

    Helene Briar Crafting: Barrier stone Bracers of Resilience Merchant exchange: 14 lvls of items into 1 Spyderbyte(lvl3) 1 Rejuvenation Elixir (lvl2) 1 Vial of acid (lvl3) 1 Elixir of wisdom (lvl2) 4 Minor power elixirs (lvl1) 5 production points scrolls + 4 production flower into 3 scrolls of slaying swarm( lvl 3)
  2. March Preproduction

    Ornamenting: Bracelet of dissipate (8cp) 40c Tinker: level 3 trap (12 cp) 60c Brew Potion: four Heal body potions (4pp) 4c Total: 104c Exchange: 24 pp for - two slaying swarm (lvl3) = 6 - one Smelling salts (lvl3)= 3 - five Wolfsbane (lvl2)= 10 - Two Elixir of wisdom (lvl2) = 4 - one Minor power Elixar (lvl1) =1
  3. February Preproduction

    2 x elven steel teapots ( 40c/ 8 cp) 1 x Normal wand of heal body ( 40c/ 8 cp)
  4. Lost and found from Sept!

    I think I picked it up from lost and found. Anything there over a month gets tossed away so I saved a roundish copper mug that had a leather strap on it. Is this the one?
  5. October Preproduction

    Ornamentor lvl2, 20 craft points, Reap spirit normal wand 8cp,40c Antimagic shield ring 8cp: 40c a trinket of reap spirit 4 cp : 20c Total, 100c 20cp Merchant Lvl 3: Exchange items: exchanging a Heal Mortal Wound -3 for a scroll of Reap Spirit -1 & Anti Magic Shield -2 . Props not needed, used in the orinmenting above. 81 lvl's worth of various consumable items into the following below 7x wolfsbane -14 3x minor power elixir - 3 1x smelling salts - 3 3x rejuves - 6 1x magic power elixir - 3 2x dilution solution - 6 2x heal mortal wound potions - 6 2x scroll of magic lock (with the enchant "by this power you won't touch my stuff, i cast magic lock") -2 2x Garlic Paste - 2 2x Resilience potion- 6 3x Heal Body potion - 3 8x Ritual candles-24 1x Ritual ink- 1 1x Ritual quil -2 Total: 81 levels
  6. New to Larp ...and upstate NY

    I can help with the basic npc garb question. It helps (especially in the winter) wearing some black under armor or a black under layer so you can change easily into other outfits. As for what you wear over it _ Simple plain toned peasant tops. _ Simple harem style pants You can mix and match these with all of the other many tops/bottoms/skirts/vests/etc we have for npc garb. Just having the base in neutral browns/tans/earthy tones works well. I'd delighted to met you and play with you.
  7. August Preproduction

    Paid for preproduction over summer Total: 40 cp , 72coin Ornamentor skill 2 - Potion Rack imbued with Ghastly Visage. 4 cp, 20c - Potion Rack imbued with Grounding 4cp 20c Brew Potion skill - 32 cp/32coin worth of Diagnosis potions (Prop not needed. Going to be exchanged with Merchant skill for other products listed below) Merchant skill 2 -3 (pending rp skill advancement) - Heal Mortal potion (lvl 3) for Ritual Candle (lvl3) VVVV These are the Brew Potion exchanges VVVV - 1 Diagnosis potion for Ghastly Visage potion ( Prop not needed. Just required for the ability or ornament item listed above) - 10 Diagnosis potion (lvl1) for 5 Dissipate potions (lvl2) - 7 Diagnosis potion for 7 heal body potion (lvl1) - 4 Diagnosis potion for 2 Purify Spirit potion (lvl2) - 10 Diagnosis potion for 5 Rejuvenation Elixirs (lvl 2)
  8. June Preproduction

    Crafting: - Light tubes x2 = 40c craft points 8 - 1 lesser wand of anti magic shield = 20c craft points 4 - 1 lesser wand of Heal Body =20c craft points 4 - 1 ring of Reap Spirit 1/gd = 20c craft points 4 Merchant Skill: Trading 1 Restore limb (lvl 2) for a Anti magic Shield (lvl 2), And 1 dissipate (lvl 1) for a Reap Spirit (lvl 1) these are going to be immediately put into the wand and ring, no need for scroll. total : 100c, 20cp The Wands will be a combination light tube & wand prop. Having them share a # code would be handy.
  9. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A maiden steps curiously up to the board, she discards a few old posters displaying the face of a elven fellow and replaces them instead with fresh parchment and a new name on it. Thankfully, this one isn't a missing poster.
  10. New Coinage

    Any news on which designs were picked?
  11. New Coinage

  12. New Coinage

  13. New Coinage

    First one " Honor, Glory, Peace, Dick" Second once "Honor, Glory, Peace, Divine " .... I'll let folks decide which version to consiter
  14. New Coinage

    Tengwar eldamar script If you turn it where the blossom if facing up it reads " Evenandra Eternal" Took me a lot of fiddling and fighting to find a Elven scrip that was thick enough to show up on a coin legibly. And just for laughs I made a bonus "DICKS" coin. Because everything looks fancy in elvish