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  1. State of the Game Update, September 2017

    This sounds amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and care everyone!
  2. Interrupting a spell

    A fun way I've learned to stop spells mid cast- distracting the castor with outrageously ludicrous insults. That 3 seconds pause of shock or rage is normaly enough to land a hit on them :D
  3. Hmm. I didn't know there were two groups called the badgers? I might change my group to Briar Bakery in that case.
  4. - For any of those who wish to learn it or simply missed Helene singing it around on her first day here it is; sung to the tune of The Mexican hat dance.- Evenandrans fight on the dancefloor, with a galliard as much as a broadsword And in Evenanessa its something they abhor, but the Freelanders fight in the mud. In the west are continuous monsoons, and the fighters are shriveled up like prunes. Their main weapons are pole arms and pontoons, but the Freelanders fight in the mud! There are Tribelanders fighting in quagmires. There are Gershens fighting in bogs. They go off to the forest with snorkel and chorus and victory goes to the frogs. They don't quit! They lay on! It's a matter of honor to swing your katana when you're six feet deep in a pond! So if you go to the west to do battle, and your brains are not already addled; You'd better had bring, your own water wings and be ready to fight in the floods. 'Cause the Freelanders fight in the mud!
  5. Best of April 2017

    NPC: Being a amature mage off to fight Golems for scrolls. Finding worse trouble first and accidently leading heros to a dead end side path of doom. Getting slain as orc and overhearing that the looted orc beside me has kitten tattoos. Seeing all the new earthkin gems in action <3!!! PC: My first day Pcing Helene Briar and surviving through hell and back! But surviving none the less With the snow goblin Kiba trading exotic foods/drinks then gruff snarking & bouncing jokes back and forth all day. "This is a lot of blood. Oh gods its everywhere." "What does it matter. If it gets on the wares just call them Raspberry cookies." MEETING THE AMAZING FREELANDERS AND SINGING FOR THEM <3 You guys are EPIC Cookies selling out faster than a Rhino can swing a sword! Kisses from Narene the warmest of elves and sharing treats back and forth. New sweets sharing friend! Legal cleverness and help in Kiba's case. PARTY IN THE JENNY! Toasts to OZ and fantastic songs a plenty! Unfortunate fortunes from a joyful new friend. Befriending a (maybe) druid , redheaded elf, enchanting prostitute & stealth sized snow golin amid a tense Fiend attack in merchant town. Cuddling by the fire with them all + a very hilarious Cwestor for a peaceful portion of the night all like a giant blanket snuggle pile. We looked like a 5 headed goblinoid. Fighting beside Daitoro & hearing him speak with utmost sincerity even if it was a breif moment of action and ill fated it was shocking beyond words in the flash of it.
  6. Helmet and quilted hood for sale.

    Asking & negotiable at 150$ for both helmet & hood. Has removable padding & adjustable straps. Not recommended for larger heads but can be tried on at the April event for fitting. Message me if you have any questions or concerns.
  7. Waiting list request entry: Name: The Badgers Contact: Myself Member #: 3-4 Area: Helix region is prefered, anywhere Merchant town or Maplewood. 4 man Preferred.
  8. On the sleeping arrangements forum post Cabin 4 was claimed by Gil stating " I still want four I was gonna take it last event but I read the heater situation wrong so it was to cold to stay. How ever I am getting a heater and insulation for next event so I can open bans shops " Idk if this is still the case but I will check in if I can help gather any information on other spaces. 0
  9. Drake Inquiries

    Please do share, I'd love getting to see what you come up with
  10. Hi Yall

    Hello Vico! Giving Novitas a try is an experience I recommend to everyone! Its like camping but with greater food, amazing company & the thrill of sword fighting and running around in cloaks in the dead of night. The game mechanics are easy to pick up and there are lots of people who will help you if you need anything along the way. :D
  11. My plan is to try and grab #3 ( unless it actively still is going to be claimed/used by the "The Brave Companions" next event) and I have a group of 3-5 who may join me in said space in April so it would be put to great use. However if Merchant town is filled in April I will wait till the tents are set ( when will that be anyway?)
  12. okay- So I know its first come first serve but I will still respect players that have either already actively been keeping space there recently within the past few months or have stated immediate plans to use the space already. 1) Owl & Ore 2) Mercy House ( even that she's been merging with O&O for cold weather she's been trooping it ) 3) Unless this was the one claimed by the Brave Companions I believe it is open and would like to formally state I plan to occupy it next event. 4) Gil. 5) Jordan / Micah Maybe???
  13. Thank you. From what I can gather, there is Owl & Ore and Mercy house already staked there this year. There should still be one or two open so I'll be sure to try and grab a cabin and deck it out next event :D
  14. When the weather warms up a little I'd really love to keep a cabin in merchant town in game. How would I reserve one? I can't find the preregister page for it..
  15. Map Draft

    There are probably some inaccuracies let me know if you see anything off. or missing & tell what you think!