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  1. New to Larp ...and upstate NY

    I can help with the basic npc garb question. It helps (especially in the winter) wearing some black under armor or a black under layer so you can change easily into other outfits. As for what you wear over it _ Simple plain toned peasant tops. _ Simple harem style pants You can mix and match these with all of the other many tops/bottoms/skirts/vests/etc we have for npc garb. Just having the base in neutral browns/tans/earthy tones works well. I'd delighted to met you and play with you.
  2. August Preproduction

    Paid for preproduction over summer Total: 40 cp , 72coin Ornamentor skill 2 - Potion Rack imbued with Ghastly Visage. 4 cp, 20c - Potion Rack imbued with Grounding 4cp 20c Brew Potion skill - 32 cp/32coin worth of Diagnosis potions (Prop not needed. Going to be exchanged with Merchant skill for other products listed below) Merchant skill 2 -3 (pending rp skill advancement) - Heal Mortal potion (lvl 3) for Ritual Candle (lvl3) VVVV These are the Brew Potion exchanges VVVV - 1 Diagnosis potion for Ghastly Visage potion ( Prop not needed. Just required for the ability or ornament item listed above) - 10 Diagnosis potion (lvl1) for 5 Dissipate potions (lvl2) - 7 Diagnosis potion for 7 heal body potion (lvl1) - 4 Diagnosis potion for 2 Purify Spirit potion (lvl2) - 10 Diagnosis potion for 5 Rejuvenation Elixirs (lvl 2)
  3. June Preproduction

    Crafting: - Light tubes x2 = 40c craft points 8 - 1 lesser wand of anti magic shield = 20c craft points 4 - 1 lesser wand of Heal Body =20c craft points 4 - 1 ring of Reap Spirit 1/gd = 20c craft points 4 Merchant Skill: Trading 1 Restore limb (lvl 2) for a Anti magic Shield (lvl 2), And 1 dissipate (lvl 1) for a Reap Spirit (lvl 1) these are going to be immediately put into the wand and ring, no need for scroll. total : 100c, 20cp The Wands will be a combination light tube & wand prop. Having them share a # code would be handy.
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A maiden steps curiously up to the board, she discards a few old posters displaying the face of a elven fellow and replaces them instead with fresh parchment and a new name on it. Thankfully, this one isn't a missing poster.
  5. New Coinage

    Any news on which designs were picked?
  6. New Coinage

  7. New Coinage

  8. New Coinage

    First one " Honor, Glory, Peace, Dick" Second once "Honor, Glory, Peace, Divine " .... I'll let folks decide which version to consiter
  9. New Coinage

    Tengwar eldamar script If you turn it where the blossom if facing up it reads " Evenandra Eternal" Took me a lot of fiddling and fighting to find a Elven scrip that was thick enough to show up on a coin legibly. And just for laughs I made a bonus "DICKS" coin. Because everything looks fancy in elvish
  10. New Coinage

    Tengwar eldamar script If you turn it where the blossom if facing up it reads " Evenandra Eternal" Took me a lot of fiddling and fighting to find a Elven scrip that was thick enough to show up on a coin legibly.
  11. New Coinage

    I attempted to have it in Elven script, Used translators and such; however 12/12 of the text editors I could find ranging from photoshop to Fotor, could not add elven text. In theory I could find a way to photoshop in a png of the text but then curving it in an arch around the circle is also incredibly difficult. I will continue to seek out a method but can't confirm any success.
  12. New Coinage

    Having a bit more direction helped focus a better design
  13. New Coinage

  14. New Coinage

    Png for easy use & hopefully they are the right format size. I'm excited to see what the new coins may look like & here are a few quick designs for fun. I'll likely keep tossing in design ideas so feel free to cap the Xp on attempts
  15. Queen Bee Fight

    Send out two groups of Buzzers in different directions each with one 'queen' or princess. Each group goes off to gather as many 'knights' as they can pleading that their Hive is about to be overrun by a terrible queen and they need help kicking out the bad queen. Pc's think they are going to fight a corrupted buzzer or something dark. After collecting their 'knights' the two groups of buzzers re-face eachother in a field. Both queens declaring they are a true queen for they chose the better knights. Whoever knights win gets to be the new leader of the hive.