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  1. Joyful Drawings

    I'm glad you like them! They're a blast to make. Here's a couple gifs I've been trying to get better at~
  2. Joyful Drawings

    Recent Additions:
  3. Joyful Drawings

    Hi everyone! I've been doodling up KoN related things for a few months now. Decided to put them all in one place! Below is a link to all the drawings I've done. They range from standalone pictures to mini comics. I'll post here whenever I have an update :) Joyful Drawings
  4. New Coinage

    Okay I'm done.
  5. New Coinage

  6. New Coinage

    Aaaannnd a few using modified public domain images.
  7. New Coinage

    Just a few drake coins and such. The woman is the Elemental :)
  8. Build a Pc

    Druid 1
  9. Torso Slot item of Enchant Weapon 2/GD

    Taken care of :)
  10. Seeking a crafter for a Torso Slot item of Enchant Weapon 2/GD for next game. Have coin and prop, just need a crafter! Joy is purchasing for her husband Bennett in game as a welcome back gift :)
  11. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Updated From Above Entry as "Buzzer Picnic" version was not approved. Positive Picnic! 1) Who is planning on going. -- Joy, Bennett, Gran, Sabine, Ádassêr Cœlí "Nightingale" Lámængwén, Helene Briar, Ellenor(?), and most likely a lot more. I will be making a Google Doc to help keep track of this next week. 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- Joy believes the Helix is fluctuating due to all the negativity in town between Maplewood residents, Pinedale refugees, and travelers. She hopes that by bringing people together tension can be removed and, even if it doesn't end up benefiting the Helix, she hopes people can have a happy time. Joy has put out posters and told everyone she could about the picnic. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- Any Maplewood/Pinedale townspeople are welcome as the picnic is open to everyone! 4) What shift are you planning to go do this. -- 3rd shift, October 21st, at 4pm. It will be held at the "village" (where player encampments are and several picnic tables I'm hoping will be put to good use!)
  12. Best of September 2016

    Giving Ellenor a custom fortune (avoid the fire!!) Encamping with Helene who refused to let Joy sleep in a cave (good friend!) Helping Daitoro cross the bridge of friendship Joy calling the other village Potato Town after not seeing any ghosts/murder and only eating baked potatoes there. Laughing whenever someone else called it that. Reunion of Joy with her husband Bennett Positive reception of Positive Picnic invites Being made an official member of GoST Joy getting concerned about Alareon then just making everything worse with a terrible fortune Setting up a Draconus shrine in Potato Town with Lucius and Sabine Witnessing Narene speaking to the dead Seeing people wearing/using the Blessing Bags Joy made and Helene sold for her Getting attacked by a wraith because of course
  13. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Buzzer Picnic! ~ Set for two in-character events from now (so we have time to learn the new site first) 1) Who is planning on going. -- Joy, Sabine, Ádassêr Cœlí "Nightingale" Lámængwén, Helene Briar, Ellenor(?), and probably a lot more once we get the word out (I will update as time goes by) 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- We will be inviting Buzzers to enjoy a picnic together. PCs will be bringing flowers to make the Buzzers feel more comfortable and offering all sorts of goodies to share. Each person has their own reason for wanting to spend time with Buzzers. Joy in particular thinks there needs to be more positivity in the town. This is meant to be a peaceful, happy gathering. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- Buzzers! Lots of them! I believe some PCs are going to try and get in touch with them to help arrange. 4) What shift are you planning to go do this. -- 3rd shift, 2 in-character games from now.
  14. Funny Story

    It's always amazing how things work out. :) really cool!
  15. Best of May

    Another amazing event! NPC Being a part of a bag of tricks as an evil construct creator for multiple parts. Then getting caught and interrogated under truth serum. "Would you go back to worshiping the Dark Three?" "Yep" -dead- Very important sandwich mission. In the downpour. Sandwiches were still hot when I returned so mission successful! Playing an abusive mother whose son ran into werewolves. The PCs that saved him were 100% okay with the boy's impending whooping. :lol: Conning a lot of PCs under the guise of the Mother's Orphanage that recently burnt down. Whoever kept throwing coins, thanks! Our bandits ate really well. Dryad marriage! Should have charmed a few wedding guests but it was a fun experience. I have now been almost every green skinned race. PC Being alive and not dying at the end! (Didn't really fight at all so that probably helped) Glow nails! I was really excited to add this to my character. They were so bright! Trial membership with GoST! Thanks for helping me understand the game a bit better and working towards getting Joy less easily slaughtered. It was nice having folks to work with instead of randomly meandering through the woods. I'll figure a work around for me being allergic to metals :) Together we'll solve a lot of mysteries~ Talent Show! I was really nervous reading one of my folktales but I think it went well. I absolutely hated making that prop though... painting is my bane. Fortunes! I was surprised how many people were seeking Joy out for a reading. Made me happy that a core part of my character was well received. Nosferatu Fortune! When an NPC asked Joy to go out to her master Reginald in the woods to do a card reading I had no idea who it was. Thankfully Oz came as well and gave Joy a much needed heads up on who she was about to meet. It would have been an entirely different encounter otherwise! The cards said Reginald would be victorious with something so... I suppose time will tell! Not entirely sure if Joy made the right call telling him about her mom but here we are :) Custom Fortune! For the last couple weeks I had been working with AsianDave on a custom fortune for a PC/PC conflict. It was really exciting to draw up cards for the reading. Loved the look on Thaerion's face when the cards had her on them! I think I have the process down so I'd be able to do this for others in the future ;) Fantastic roleplay folks. Saving a Nox victim! Pretty important to Joy, it was great to spend the last bit of the night consoling the victim. Lots of friends for Joy! Everyone has been really supportive of Joy and she has a lot of great friends now. It's good to feel like a part of Maplewood :D Letter to the Helix! No clue how that will turn out, probably nothing, but I had a laugh at writing it up. Joy is determined to be friends with it. Poltergeist! Joy accomplished zero things with it but was very happy to meet him and gave him a present. Draconus Shrine! Working with Lucius, a Draconus chosen, was a great way to get a Draconus shrine set up even temporarily. Praise to the sky lizard! - I now know I have zero night vision. Prepare to for me to bump off of things constantly! - I am not good at tea readings but I'm fine with Joy having a divination method she's awful with. Adds some depth! - Someone wanted to speak with Joy towards the end of the night in the inn and I couldn't find them. Whoops. Seemed important! - Mud is not my friend and has made that known by how many times I slipped.