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  1. Dyes hair?

    Would it disrupt the game if someone was to dye their hair an unnatural color? As of now I have no desire to be faekin. Mainly what I'm asking is it chill if a npc is walking around with pink hair?
  2. Legal cores?

    Well that stopped me from wasting a lot of materials haha. Thanks!
  3. Legal cores?

    So I want to start building my sword and I was curious what kind of cores were legal. Is it possible for there to be a metal core, or should I stick with pvc? Do any of you have recommendations for different cores? I'm worried it'll be super bendy if I use pvc.
  4. Hi!

    Yo! Im Mikayla! I'm new to larping and thought I'd introduce myself(also because I had to haha). I am both excited and frightened about this! ?