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  1. September shift change

    Since when is Rob/Caius with us? Did I miss a meeting or something?
  2. Cabins and you

    Templar Legion Ben Alex R Dallas Dalton Damien John Sarah Steve A (hopefully) All of us but Steve are in the temple and Would like to stay there. Also Steve would be moving from the bazaar to the temple. And we have encampment.
  3. May 2014 Lost & Found

    Are the gloves leather? I can't seem to find mine.
  4. Wow there are quite a few I miss. Eleos, Marius, Nasri, Meave, Gaius, Vos, and the House of Cherry Blossoms to name a few.
  5. Hail and Greetings to All!

    Sure shoot me a PM we can set something up.
  6. Hail and Greetings to All!

    Welcome! Dolgevile eh? I'm in Little Falls.
  7. 2014 Weapon Checks

    Does this include shields too?
  8. Will bartering, buying and selling of in game items between PCs be allowed during the feast?
  9. Novitas Graphic Artwork Thread

    Vany'a, dragon in training! I thought everyone knew that. Or Vany'a future avatar of the Godbeast.
  10. December 2013 Lost and Found

    Misplaced a pair of black leather gloves most likely in the temple.
  11. Elven Steel Sword

    I'll take it for 300.
  12. Elven Steel Sword

    I'll pass thanks Steve.
  13. Elven Steel Sword

    If I had 150 more coin I'd be all over this.
  14. New player

    Hello and welcome! To answer one of your questions: Sunday is when we clean up pack up and leave. Game ends Saturday night at 2 am so you could pack up and leave Saturday night.