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    New York.
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    I'm interested in Writing, Art, crafting and larping of course.
  1. Late September/Early October Pre-Production

    Allion Wolfram June craft 1 greater wand of pin (12) cost 60 coin Allion Wolfram August craft Bracelet of dissipate (8) Cost 40 coin Lesser Wand of Magic Armor 4 Cost 20 coin Allion Wolfram September craft Necklace of Heal body 1 per g/d, Mend Armor 1 per g/d, Magic Armor 1 per g/d (12) cost 60 coin Total = June 60 coin August 60 coin September 60 coin Grand total = 180 coin owed
  2. May Preproduction

    Allion Wolfram: Craft:Ornamenting 1/gd Ring of dissipate. cost: 40 coin
  3. Hello again

    Thank you.
  4. Hello again

    Cool I have just one. Where do I post a backstory to be approved?
  5. Hello again

    Im Brandon and I've been playing Allion Wolfram. Been to the last two games and I played about four years ago for about a year, but for some reason I've never made an account on the forums; silly younger me. But I'm here now and I'm excited to be back. ?