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  1. The Mobile Merchant

    Having further discussed with my denizens, I only need some potions and the Cathols. So, I'll take the 3 cathols, potion of heal mortal, potion of dissipate, heal body, and 2 restore limb. Thanks~
  2. The Mobile Merchant

    Arayna NightRoad - How much for the 3 Cathol, 3 restore limb, 3 heal mortal, and the scrolls of synchronize, battle mastery, heal mortal, and dominate?
  3. I'm enjoying Rayne~ I truly am.

  4. Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

    Sounds awesome :D
  5. Halo!

    Hello! I was introduced to KoN by two friends, and have been talking to one of them non-stop about it. One has been going for awhile and the other is fairly new themselves! I am so excited to try this out, but I'm so very nervous! Tha mi toilichte ur coinneachadh!