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  1. New friends?

    We've got a ton of players from Rochester! It's almost a whole Novitas sub-culture at this point lmao Introduce yourself to anyone when you come, and they'll probably be able to point some of us out. We often organize group dinners or movie nights between events too!
  2. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Winora approaches the inn's board with a stack of paper clutched in her arms. She fumbles with the previously posted notices, taking down some of the outdated ones. Pulling one out of her stack, she pins it in the center of the board. It reads: "Bardic Singing Contest October 20th at evening Ley Line Pulse (6pm) in the Bazaar. Prizes for the top three singers. For details, see Oma Blake" She steps close to read the tiny scrawl at the bottom. "A Production of the Bless the Mask Players" Winora steps back, glancing through the windows of the inn. "I'll post the rest of these later, it's time for dinner!"
  3. Lost and Found April Edition

    It is Ceilidh's! She'll retrieve it next event, if that's okay.
  4. Lost and Found April Edition

    The three fox head sigil is Ceilidh's family's motif. I'll ask if the cloak is hers.
  5. Hello All

    Hey Maggie, April 19-21 is a Thursday to a Saturday. Did you mean the 20th-22nd?
  6. Fight Practice Scenarios/Games

    As a PC who has been in this situation (AS TIFFANY WELL KNOWS!), that would be hella cool/terrifying.
  7. *Not Staff so I can't technically comment on the appropriateness of your lovely objects, but I adore them all!
  8. Warnings

    I told some people that they were back, and the response I got was 'They weren't gone though'. Like hell they weren't lmao and now I have proof I'm not crazy!
  9. Funny Story

    That's so cool!
  10. Nono we are the only Badgers bro
  11. Best of May

    Friday: -Being a Buzzer who made some Nox worshipper Skaven friends because flowers, then dragging the Rhinos around for like half an hour because my plot was 'resolved' before my hook/Buzzer sister came back. Ban was shady AF and kept talking about growing a flower garden and asked if I could tell the queen he wanted some help with it. ('I have candy, get in my van' anyone?). I also think a fae sort of stole the flower that my Skaven friends had given me??? Another group of PCs were helping the sister find us, but we'd already left the original spot. They found us in Merchant Town, and tried to lure me outside the Helix, which seemed sketchy. The Skaven were only to be described as 'fuzzy boys', which these new PCs took to mean the Rhinos' hair, and this nearly caused a PC PVP battle in Elftown, which was scary IC but damn hilarious OOC. Saturday: -Having a Nox worshipper funeral in the middle of Elftown. We were unarmed but got decimated by Marcus and his group. Ceilidh as her PC Helene was hanging with them and messed with my dead body; I couldn't keep a straight face D: Then we were revived individually and given a choice between 6 months hard labor on a farm if we repented, or instant death if we didn't. Brought out my sass, and had a blast :) -Got to be a Buzzer again!! Three regular Buzzers (Beeatrice, Buzzella, and Elizabuzz) and the Queen. Our task was to find some flowers planted around because ours were all corrupted. Several speedbumps for our PC heroes, which were a tyrannosaurus rex thing (?) in the woods next to logistics, and some Waspoids in the woods behind Maplewood. Easy peasy plot, and Ban finally got his queen Buzzer jelly lmao -Part of a Puppet Weed (I think that's what they're called?) for the first time. Tough to maneuver with a rope around everyone, but nobody got hurt for realsies, so that's a win. -The Talent Show! I missed the first half, but the rest of it was so fun :)
  12. May Preproduction

  13. Posters

    omg that sounds like so much fun to watch!! I hope it works out :D
  14. Fate has decided that I am the Lost and Found Lady this month apparently. ****THESE HAVE BEEN CLAIMED**** I am babysitting a green Joann's reusable bag left in Owl and Ore/Mercy House: -2 brown curtains? Scarves?? I'm not sure. They'd make a nice NPC dress. -2 hollow fake books; 1 small, 1 larger. Good for keeping candy on your person for in-game snacking. -A bunch of command hook garbage?? Trash cans exist, you monster Secondly, someone accidentally packed a nice grey patterned shawl/scarf in Ben Weeg's green tote box. He stayed in the logistics basement. It's soft and I want it, so claim it if it's yours!!! Also disclaimer: I think I'm funny and I'm super joking right now except for claiming items if they're yours!! I have also cross-posted in the Facebook group just in case. Feel free to PM me here or there, so we can arrange to get your stuff back and out of my house ?
  15. Post-First Event Introduction

    I should have guessed from the 'Penn' and who I'm talking to Have a great time guys!!