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  1. What long locks of white hair you have!

  2. Cold-Ironwood???

    Thank you very much for your input . I welcome it with arms wide open. I’d rather be told I’m wrong then to run into an embarrassingsituation.
  3. Cold-Ironwood???

    MKW - I totally see what you’re getting at, and maybe it’smy fault for not clarifying. I do understand the fact that a Faekin is a recessivegene and rarely shows. My great, great, great, and so on, grandmother wastricked into becoming seduced by a dark fae creature. She felt ashamed for theact, (bio still in progress). This was a gift to the family and there futuregenerations as a symbol of strength and unity with the elven people, when thegene shows up. Do to the fact that some races show no acceptance of Faekin. Hivemind – And yes there is always that potential of acquiringa magical item. But hey, we’ll cross that road when it comes lol. Is that better or does that sound stupid and have no real connectionto things? I’m honestly not try to be difficult, if I’m coming off that way,just trying to think outside the box.
  4. Cold-Ironwood???

    Thank you guys! It would just represent a family heirlume passed down through the ages. My character will be that of the Faekin race carrying hisfamily’s staff. I figured I’d get asked why I have a black staff and for immersionpurposes I wanted to be able to give a good logical backstory. I thought it wouldgo something like this… The black staff, (I’ll give it a name at some point)was created from a fallen Cold-Ironwood tree representing the mixing of the bloodlinein the wood elf. Even though we are no longer true Wood Elf, we as Faekin will standstrong and carry on. The presenting of this staff was not that of a shame fullact, but that of new beginnings. Even though we may look different and find newways to accomplish our goals we will always be accepted by the Wood Elves. What do you think?
  5. Cold-Ironwood???

    I’ve been working on a character from Redbark in the GreatForest. I have a very basic black staff that I built my self following the ruleson weapons. I would like to know if Cold-Ironwood, only found in Redbark, is a specialcommodity that has to be crafted? If not can I claim that my staff is made ofthis material?
  6. Faekin Hair Color

    NICE!!!! Thank you very much. And yes I would love to hear what other people are using.
  7. Faekin Hair Color

    Hey guys I’m working on myFaekin costume and am running into a little snag. I purchased awhite wig and now working on styling it. Well I am not getting the results thatI am looking for. Is it allowed to use a white hair gel in my own hair toachieve what I am looking for?
  8. Hello World

    I'm sorry for not responding yet. I had a whole idea all typed up that I was working all day. I hit add reply and then it vanished. I was sooooooooo mad. This time I'm typing it in word first lol. I'll repost it here within a day or so. Thanks for your patience, I didn't want you to think I was ignoring everyone. I really love all the ideas. I think I came up with pretty good one.I'll post it and let you guys tell me what you think ?. Good or bad I accept all comments for what they no hurt feeling here lol.
  9. Hello World

    So does anyone have any suggestions on how to bring a new character into this world? I'd like to be a faekin that is half wood elf and half dark fae known as a Quickling. Im looking at this character living in a state of yin yang, constantly fighting between the light harted wood elf and the dark intentions of the Quickling. His mentality is that of a monk harnessing both sides equally. But I'm kinda having a hard time integrating him into the world. Any ideas where he may have come from or how he got to Maplewood? Thanks for any help you guys can give :-) . For those not sure what a Quickling is here is a link for some lore. http://dungeons.wikia.com/wiki/Quickling_(3.5e_Race)
  10. Hello World

    Soooooooooooooooo Im totaly a living example of why you realy should read the wiki before visisiting a larp . Sometime last year I was invited to try larping. I've always been a big fan of the fantasy world but never tried this before. In my mind, (not knowing much on larps and roleplaying) I was like heck yes.... and read very minimal on what to expect *** Palm meets face***. Yes lol I realize this was a very big mistake, although I still had a lot of fun. Good side story… Had a hilarious encounter during my first time. I was supposed to roleplay a farmer along with two others, my “sister” and “brother”. My brother had just been attacked by some werewolf like looking creatures and my sister ran off for help while I hid… wow what a great brother I was lol. So my sister brought help and we are saved. Hooray! Me being the noob that I am thought that's where it ended, NOPE! The PCs wanted to know what we were doing, where we came from, and ……. OUR NAMES! Yep this is where I froze. He wants to know my name? I wasn't told what my name was, I thought to myself lol. I paused for what felt like eternity and all of a sudden….. Fred came out. Who in their right mind has the name “Fred” in a fantasy world. Who has 8 fingers and 2 thumb pointing at himself, THIS GUY lol. I think just about everyone broke face and chuckled inside. Oh well the game must go on lol. Overall I did have a blast even though I didn't get to stay the whole time. Im hoping this time, March 3-5, I’ll actually get a chance to play as a PC. Still working out a few kinks in his background but almost there.