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  1. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Bennett approaches the board and opens a satchel pulling out a fine scroll of velum. A scent of cloves and wild berries fills the immediate area as he unrolls it and hammers it to board with dagger. ((Click to enlarge))
  2. New Coinage

  3. Helmet, Helmet, Helmet...

    Thank you for the reply and heads up about the visor. My experience with helmets are the one I wore in the service, a motorcycle helm, and a legionnaire replica, so nothing with a visor... I think I will opt for an open face helm. After talking with a few people I am most likely going to go with a more lowlands style Burgonet (unless I hear a different argument). The one I have in mind is contemporary of the Landsknecht and other mercenaries of the late 15th and early 16th century, additionally it has the option to attach a face visor for more heavy combat events.. Thank for the warning about the LARP stores, I know its not the best stuff but as a slight precaution I have made sure everything I have bought so far and am looking at is at least 18 gauge (minimum SCA) and 16 gauge for helms. Thank you for your time, Burgonet
  4. Helmet, Helmet, Helmet...

    Hello everyone I am deciding on what style of helmet to get but figured i should ask some questions first. I searched the armor forum and couldn't find a thread specifically addressing some of the question The two most important questions concern period appropriateness and then comfortably/functionality. The helmets I am currently thinking about are Gothic Sallet with visor, an open face Scottish Burgonet, and a Morian with cheek pads (links below). Gothic Sallet Scottish Burgonet Morian The first question is a period appropriate question. I have read that full Gothic plate is acceptable in KoN I was wondering if that era is when period appropriateness ends (15th C. early 16th). This question specifically applies to the Morian helmet as its a later 16th and 17th C. piece. Additionally while I haven't played my pc yet his background is Vlean and I am sort of going for a Swiss merc/ Landsknecht with a bit of Galloglass amalgamation and was wondering if these styles of helmet were appropriate for that region. The second question is if anyone has owned any of these pieces or something similar? How do the wear? Are they comfortable? any foreseeable issues? I am particularly worried about the Sallet's visor moving or bouncing and having issues with it staying up, or worse the eye slots being too narrow. Additionally if their is an alternative style you have had success with please let me know. Thank you for your time,
  5. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Bill. My wife Kat (Provolonely) and I attended the most recent Kingdom of Novitas event (March 3rd-5th), and we really enjoyed ourselves. We have played table top games (D&D ect) for years, and I did some medieval sparring while stationed in Germany, but this was our first LARP event. While my wife has her character flushed out I am still in the process of construction and have a few questions. At the moment I would like to build my PC something akin to this worlds Landsknecht or Frasion Mercenary equivalent. Does anything like this already exist? Additionally, weapons are central to this character concept so I am wondering if this this Sword passes the cut at the Kingdom. Any help or advice would be much appreciated and I look forward to future events. Thank you for your Time, Archknight (Bill)