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  1. Forgive the Skyrim inspired title, but it fits my usual mindset about going through things. Anyways, been forever since I last posted here. Since real life is currently keeping me from joining as soon as I'd like, I've been spending my time trying to develop costumes and collect things for both NPC and PC playing (fingers crossed for March!). And so far, I've got a lovely little collection started that I'd like to share, mostly to see if any of it is appropriate or anything else. Trust me, as I do some needed sorting of old boxes, this list of potential items will be added to. As of 11/22/17, this is the collection I have started (pardon the messy bed in the background): -An old sake set, I think. Had this for a few years and forgot about it. -Mortar and pestle, only ever used it once for grinding up dried sage. -Two different Chinese coins, one with a monkey and the other with a dragon. -A Celtic wheel pendant that I thought I'd lost. -The dragon pendant that I purchased some time ago. -A random piece of metal embossed with floral designs. I think this was part of an old serving tray or something. -Amethyst point pendant, and a random gold chain. Pretty if nothing else. -Three of four bellydancing finger cymbals. -Blue glass orb, slightly broken on one side. -Glass diamond paperweight. Also pretty. -Three old-fashioned glass perfume vials, I think. They have plastic screw-on lids with small holes in them that I intend to replace with corks. UPDATE 11/28/17: -An old candle stick of some kind. Got this as a gift forever ago and never used it. The arms spin around though so I have to find a way to stop that. -Antique silver candy bowl, missing its handles. This is actually what I use to hold my D&D dice and on occasion jewelry. -Chinese dragon bell thing. Another thing I've had since forever. -What I think is a glass vinegar bottle, sans the cork. The wrapping was done before the photo. -Two ceramic pots, one with a lid and the other without. Part of a set that I got at a yard sale (gotta gather up the rest of it once I find them) -Hourglass, another yard sale find. Someone had painted it a really ugly silver before I got it, so I gave it a few coats of black to make it neater. Still need to clean the glass part. -Two woven scarves. Got these as Salvation Army a while ago because I'm a sucker for soft fabrics. The pink and blue one has a nice Persian rug-like pattern woven on it (in fact I used it to cover up the ugly hat-box lid I displayed my first batch of things on). (EDIT: Found out these are pashmina scarves after much internet hunting. Very much hoping to find more of these when I go hunting at thrift stores again!) -Okay so this piece was made yesterday. It's the brass bits of an old belt that was falling apart, so I took two of the rings and some of the weird slidey bits and made this little thing with a piece of leather I had lying around. Probably going to use it to help expand a sash or something. Well, that's it for now. Just wanted to share these, and archive my dragon hoard collection of odds and ends as I work towards my first PC.
  2. Good to know. Like I said this is just a collection of things I've found that I think are usable, so knowing if anything's an issue ahead of time helps.
  3. Many thanks ^^ I figured I'd share everything I find here in case anything isn't exactly usable, plus it's funny what I've been finding thanks to going through old boxes.
  4. Character Development

    Place for my designs and pictures of upcoming characters, costumes, and props.
  5. Merchant Wares

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a bit of a question. I was considering things that my character could perhaps sell in-game for coin, and I was hoping for input about what sort of items would possibly be appropriate. Originally I was considering making my own dried incense/potpourri blends, but since some people have allergies/aren't fond of such things, I'd like to get some feedback from others.
  6. Merchant Wares

    Thank you guys again!
  7. Merchant Wares

    Okay, one last question because I couldn't find a complete answer on it in the worldbook. What are colors/symbols generally associated with the individual gods of the Sept and Dark Three?
  8. Merchant Wares

    Awesome, thanks for the advice c:

    ESO, Neverwinter, and Ark Survival Evolved (depending on the server). The latter two are on Xbox, and ESO, like WoW, is on hiatus until I can upgrade my computer.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to share it, but recently, I ordered myself something shiny for my eventual Drake character off of Amazon when I found it on sale. About three weeks after getting it, I found out they sold it on the same site I intended to get scale maille supplies off of, for the same price as the sale. I thought it would be a good Draconus amulet, for fellow Drakes and Draconus worshipers. Here's the page, it should be in the segment on dragon-related pendants.
  11. Dragon Pendant for Draconus Worshipers

    I actually found many that are quite appropriate, if the above seems too clunky. And thanks ^^
  12. Drake Inquiries

    So, I'm planning on making a Drake as my first character once I've attended a few events. Since I like to be over-prepared, I'm trying to get a good design down to go by, and I'd very much appreciate if anyone could weigh in on a few questions I have. I apologize if these were answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find answers through my own research so far and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask ^^ Firstly, are Drake characters required to cover their hair with a hood or cowl? Or is hair an allowed feature? Secondly, I read that their garb can be eclectic, but are there any features, besides cloth quality and types, that are specifically related to their race? Things like certain motifs or real world influences? Thirdly, I also noticed on the wiki that there are only four colors of Drake listed (white, brown, green, and blue). Are other colors, or mixes of the above colors permitted? These are the main three, and I'm fairly certain that a bunch more will come as I continue to develop said character. Again, I'd really appreciate any help so that I can keep my design within the rules. EDIT: Another silly question, but one for flavor purposes. Does the Dragon Language for Novitas have its own script?
  13. Drake Inquiries

    I actually did consider using that kind of face prosthetic, but I'd prefer something that can be removed or put on in a pinch if need be. It's why I'm trying to make more of a formfitting mask, because it would either require little makeup (if a half-mask and cowl) or none at all (full mask and cowl).
  14. Drake Inquiries

    I don't have a picture of myself wearing them, but I do have the link to the online store where they are found in the off season: Sufi Pants Again, no big deal if they aren't appropriate. I just wanted to double check.
  15. Drake Inquiries

    Alrighty, another silly question. I have in my possession a pair of Sufi pants, the kind you see at the various Moresca booths at Renn Faires. These pants are at least five years old, give or take, and I have worn them around the house in all kinds of weather before. Seeing as the Matisse stripe pattern is woven into the fabric, would these count as appropriate for the setting? I'm only asking as they are something that I already own, and could possibly use as part of my eventual character's outfit.
  16. Drake Inquiries

    Probably by a strap, or a modified balaclava. That part is still up in the air and probably won't be finalized until the actual mask is made. Gotta see which is more comfortable and sturdy, after all. And the notes are more or less about fabrics in the former, and materials in the latter.
  17. Drake Inquiries

    I intend to play as a blue drake (my hair is dyed, so I figured I might as well run with it while I still can), but thanks for pointing out the mistake on the sketch xD That little note should've been changed to urethane rubber, since it's a flexible material. I just hope that I can get the hang of mold-making and casting before hitting this project (the most I've done are small pendants in resin so far). For the gloves, I will be using a method I saw for a Weeping Angel cosplay. Basically tights turned into gloves. I will be putting scale detailing on it with puff paint, and latex finger pads for grip. If I perfect the method I intend to share in case anyone is interested.
  18. Drake Inquiries

    That is close to the route I want to go. It's more of a half-face mask, gloves painted to resemble bare scaly hands, and makeup on the skin that isn't covered. I got the idea from a costumer I follow on another site who makes realistic critter masks. I actually do have sketches so far of my plans for her main outfit. I wanted to go for something that would suit someone fresh from a monastery, though I did base it on traditional Indian clothing. It's not final by a long shot, but its a start. And here is a more detailed look at the mask: This is all very early design still. I'd love any criticism on the designs if possible.
  19. Drake Inquiries

    My goal is for more of an uncanny valley effect, though that will all depend on how well I actually manage to create the face. I hope to have some kind of rough draft drawn up soon.
  20. Drake Inquiries

    It was certainly one of the two races that immediately drew my attention (the other being Snow Goblins, as they remind me a lot of LotR style orcs). I just hope that I can pull it off well. I did see the one in the photo gallery as well, very cool. Thank you very much! I can continue the design now that I have more research material xD Here's hoping it comes out well!
  21. Greetings!

    So, funny story. I've always wanted to join a LARP, but every single one that ever caught my eye was always way too far for me to realistically get involved in. Imagine my delight when I found out about one an hour away from where I live at a convention I was vending at all weekend! I believe it was the red-clad snow goblin Warblade who directed me here (I forgot to write his name down after talking with him, but I did see his pictures here on the site). I am eternally grateful, good sir! Anyways, I'm looking forward to getting involved with Novitas however I can, and learning from everyone here! I hope to bring my own skills to the table as well, since I'm learning how to properly create costumes and accessories in my free time. Sooo ya, looking forward to it all! -Teyva
  22. Greetings!

    Thank you all! I am definitely going through and reading all of the rules right now to try and at least get a working knowledge ready when I can come and join the fun! And Shane, I definitely appreciate you telling me about the event (I was the blue haired woman who was at the second table in the main room, we could see yours from where we were)! I'm already making plans for a Drake character, but I plan on being an NPC until I get the hang of everything. Sooo looking forward to roleplaying with everyone!