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  1. Rules team is recruiting

    I'd also like to volunteer my services!

    Hooray!! Thank you, Ryan and everyone else! What a great resource. While I was looking through it, I did notice one tiny omission: in the "Game Status: In-Game and Out-Of-Game" section (and also in the "Learn to Play" section, which quotes it), the wiki does cover neon orange tags and making "whoosh" noises, but it doesn't mention the visual out-of-game cue, ie putting your hand/weapon horizontally over your head. Pretty basic stuff, but I think in the newbie section at least it should probably be mentioned, right? If you guys want another pair of hands for editing, or you want me to keep looking for discrepancies or anything, let me know! I've got some editing experience under my belt and an eye for detail, and I'd be happy to help however you'd like. :)
  3. State of the Game Update, September 2017

    I'm so excited for our new location!! Although I will sadly not be able to make it to our first event there, the one this weekend on the 22nd, and I will miss you all and hope you have fun. I can't wait to see everything in October!! :)
  4. June Event Barbeque

    I've got some chips and pretzels I'm bringing. Do you think we'll have enough beverages?
  5. Posters

    Kabukiba? (Heheh.)
  6. Another Newbie Arrives!

    Very helpful, thank you! I think I understand what to bring now. I just hope you will be a little lenient with my clothes for this first game... I have some plain, neutral-colored things without any obvious zippers, but they probably won't look very "period". I expect that I will have some shopping and/or crafting to do before next month's session! Also, just to make sure that I understand this correctly: I should arrive at 6-6:30 Friday evening, and all four shifts of the game will occur on Saturday, with (iirc) Sunday reserved for cleaning up?
  7. Another Newbie Arrives!

    Thank you for all the responses, everyone! I'm just tickled by how friendly this community seems to be. As advised, I have been reading up on the lore: I've gone through most of the Rules Wiki, and I think I have a vague grasp of how the game rules are supposed to go, and so far I've gotten through the beginning of the Worldbook and briefly scanned most of the different nations (and found a typo ;) ). But I am a little bit confused about what exactly I'm supposed to bring with me to the game. I'm sorting through my clothes to find something appropriate to wear under NPC gear, and I've got a sleeping bag, but as an NPC I'm not required to bring my own food, right? Or my own supply of water? But I do have to bring my own dishes to eat on? I assume that there will be some kind of washing-up area where we can wash our own dishes, and also some kind of shower facilities, right? Also, is this http://www.smart-camping-guide.com/image-files/camping_lanterns.jpg the general sort of electric lantern allowed? (I assume flashlights are considered too modern?) Also, considering the weather forecast, are umbrellas allowed/recommended? I have a fluorescent pink one that might not look very good, and maybe also a plastic poncho somewhere... And finally, I may have missed it somewhere on the website, but I can't find an exact address for the Hoover Adventure Center, or a time when I should be there. To Pixie: You guessed it!! I only managed to go for a couple of years in a row, but the Wayfinder Experience gave me some of my all-time favorite gaming memories. If you went any time in the rough brackets of 2005-2010 (I don't actually remember exactly when), there's a very good chance that we met each other there. I hope to see you for next month's game, because I assume that I'm going to have a lot of fun this time and want to come back. To everyone else: I'll see you in just a few days!!
  8. Another Newbie Arrives!

    Hi, everybody! I'm Michelle. I met Shane at IthaCon in March (I was the very enthusiastic blond girl), and I've finally gone and made myself an account. I'm an ex-summer camp kid with experience in improv and a hankering for adventure!! I used to do some Larping with an old kid's group, but I haven't done any in ages and I really miss it. I've played a fair bit of DnD and other tabletop games, and about a zillion rpg-style video games, so I think I'm going to fit right in. I'm hoping that I can come to next weekend's event to play as an NPC, and to get to meet all of you and get a feel for the group. In the meantime, I imagine there's a lot of lore for me to read up on. I'm delighted to meet you all!