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  1. Ironic

    So I was just thinking about how much fun I had on Saturday when I made a realization, I told everyone I'm a guard but I didn't mention my company name. I work for a company called securitas xd. I'm actually finding a lot of humor in this.
  2. Bows Suck

    Ah that does make sense tho, would be a little too op if you got really good with it.
  3. Hello All

    I totally just wrote this l9ong reply to you then accidentally deleted it, score one for the big guy lol. I will join you in being an echo by saying that I will definitely check out the rest of the rules and the blogs. After I'm don't replying to you all I need to check out the "bows suck" forum again then i'll move on :P Thank you for replying Oh I didn't delete it lol
  4. Hello All

    I'm always craving more, I will join you in being an echo by saying I will definitely check out the blogs once I'm done replying to everyone. I honestly wasn't expecting so much feedback. I've read moist of the rules and have looked over a bunch of stuff on the forums. I have to go check out the "bows suck" thread after this as well. Ah I'm so excited aha. Thank you again
  5. Hello All

    Oh yeah I have had quite a lot of ideas for my character tbh. I plan on re drawing it because that was a pretty bad drawing aha. Thank you very much if I have some questions I will definitely message you :) I'm going to check out the bl9ogs once I've finished replying to everyone. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in june
  6. Hello All

    I've been reading up on the topics in the forum, I will definitely check out a lot of the blogs aha. Thank you for the advice! Thank you ! I will read up on the rest or the rules and lore whilst at work tonight!
  7. Bows Suck

    Okay so I was thinking of trying to make some of my own weapons at some point, my question here is what is you have a bow with sword like properties on the limbs of the bow. Then it would be effective at long and short ranges. You would just have to get used to the different combat style. Id this against the rules for bows tho?
  8. Hello All

    Hello all, my name is Vincent. I'm a 23 year old security guard who has never larped before. One of my best childhood friends kat Crossman recommended that I start with you guys. I'm extremely excited to be completely honest. I'm not sure of all the basics or really even how the game is played but, I'm ready to learn and become a member of the community. I plan to attend the event you guys have coming up on june 3rd to meet everyone and attempt to learn a few things. I'm in the process of drawing what I want my character to look like and a bio to come up with some character content. I will post that picture as well as a selfie so you guys can see what I actually look like. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting everyone.