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    Reading fiction, sketching, cosplaying
  1. Moving

    Moving is a tedious work. That is why I have back rack installed on my pickup for safety and support.
  2. Pictures

    Is that a close group?
  3. Beginning Leatherwork

    Nice tutorial.

    I still do, during free time.
  5. Fight Practice

    I wonder what happened in this practice meetup.
  6. Funny Story

    That is really nice encounter.
  7. Titanium

    I see, that's less than a month from now. Thank you!
  8. Hey

    That is absolutely fantastic. So far, I'm enjoying reading threads here and I'm learning a thing or two about this. I will definitely check that Worldbook out. Thanks a lot, Maggie and Shane, for giving me great start-up in this forum. I highly appreciate the effort.
  9. Titanium

    Will there be any photos available?
  10. Hey

    Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I'm really intrigued in KoN that's why I joined it. I'm not good with crowds but I hope I could get along and be able to do a live-action role play with folks here.