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  1. November Preproduction

    PC: Jasper 5 potions of dissipate (10 coin / 10 production)
  2. Production Points Use

    Thank you for the link and updating the wiki.
  3. Production Points Use

    Hello, I plan on submitting my PC essay pretty soon! I have a few questions about production points: 1. If my PC is approved before the next event, would I be able to use Production Points at my first PC'd event? 2. If someone NPC's for the entire weekend (all 4 shifts), can they still use their PCs production points at sign in? (For example, someone plans on NPCing the next event and PCing at a later event but does not want to miss out on utilizing their production points for both events)
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Hello Lady Kate, I am happy to have found KoN as well! I can tell that everyone is putting a lot into this to make it as genuine as possible. This will certainly be a new experience for me as I have never done this. I have done a lot of roll-playing in chat on the computer (I use to use AIM) so I feel comfortable with creating a character. I am certain it will be different than I imagine. It seems a lot of people join for the first time in August? I think the NPC aspect of the game will be a lot of fun. I was thinking the same thing that it is like taking part in a play. How long does a shift last? I think I read that there are 4 shifts over the course of the event and at minimum 2 shifts you have to play as a NPC. Playing in character really sounds fun too and I love the detail you are describing. Do you ever find good treasure while wandering around? Where can I find the blogs? Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to meeting everyone and training.
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Hey Maggie, Thank you for the information. I have some reading to do but I am making good progress. I will be working on creating a character soon (just need to finish reading the rules and worldbook). Do you have any suggestions on coming up with character names?
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Hello! My name is Jason and I am from Geneva, NY. I was looking at LARP List and came across Kingdoms of Novitas and it looks very interesting. I have been reading through the Web Site a bit and it looks like there is a lot of detail. I look forward to meeting you all.