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  1. then again, who doesn't? the short-short version: boffer, medieval tech period with post apoc elements, NON-PVP, increased personal plot, deep lore, mystery-solving, intense roleplay, and a lot of danger. new rules system based on some very old rules systems. Our playtest is the weekend before Halloween. our webpage: http://angelfalllarp.com/default.php (this is good first place to dip your toes, has a few general pages about the world and some interesting lore, pictures, link to rulebook, event dates, etc) our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/129357174085716/ (good place to join to read updates, ask any questions, read other's questions, get an idea of how the game is developing, etc) ~chris
  2. so imagine my shock (and dismay) when i found out the people had been larping 20 miles from my house for twelve years, while i drove to New England (i've larped in MA, CT, and ME) to dress up and beat on my friends. the principle game company i play with is Winged Throne Productions, and the principle location is Ye Olde Commons in Charlton, MA. Margaret B encouraged me to come onto the forums rather than the Facebook page to post a link to our game in MA (i'm staffing, and will obviously be driving out from this area and could take a couple people with me), but i LOATHE forums. i do. i always have. i like email lists. i like livejournal. i'm OLD, i tell you. OLD. but, here i am, because i am helping to run a game at the end of October, and i wanted to post about it in case anyone was interested. so i'll go do that in the proper topic heading. if i can find it. and i'm trying to get my butt out to boffer practice at Onondaga Lake Park. i tried yesterday, but left the house before double-checking what PART of the park, so i sat in the Salt Museum's parking lot and looked stupid for ten minutes before i just drove home. blond moment! ok, maybe it was a senior moment, not a blond moment. :D