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  1. Camp Kingsley Work Day

    Thanks to all the folks who came up to help out with our fall work day this past Sat. We appreciate all you do for all our shared home.
  2. Catapults and other stuff

    Most of our staff will be in at 9ish but don't anticipate getting to work projects 'til after lunch (noonish)
  3. Catapults and other stuff

    Thanks guys. I will check this later tonight then. See yu tomorrow.
  4. Catapults and other stuff

    Amy, Yes, probably Harden off the parking lot. I can put folks up there Sat night and Sun if need be. If more than 5 or 6 people coming, I need to know to adjust for food. Rob
  5. Catapults and other stuff

    Hey guys, as a bunch of you already know Camp Kingsley’s Summer Cub Scout Camp theme this year is knights. Several folk who came to the spring work day expressed interest in helping out with ideas, craft demos, setting up tents, etc. July has freight-trained up on me and I’m playing a bit of catch-up so I apologize for not getting this info out sooner. Our summer season is 3 weeks Wed-Sun July 11-15, 18-22, 25-29. We run program for 5-11 year olds. If you had a skill, talent, etc. (thinking probably more craft, music, artisan) for that age group you were interested in sharing let me know what you have in mind. (Dave, let me know if we can do it through replies in this thread or if you need to coordinate, however that needs to work logistically, etc.) On July 7, 8, 9 our staff will be doing most of the decorating, program planning, set-up, etc. We also plan on building 1 or 2 catapults (possibly onager style) on that Sun (7/8) afternoon. For those we could always use some additional manual labor if anyone is available. If the weather cooperates Sat night (7/7 9:30/10ish) we are also going to drag the screen out and watch Princess Bride and Holy Grail under the stars. Thanks, Rob Mahardy CK Camp Director
  6. Missing Radio at Kingsley

    After last week's Cub Scout camping event at Kingsley, one of our black walkie-talkie radios came up missing. More than likely one of our staff set it down somewhere and got busy doing something else, leaving it behind. If anyone comes across it please turn it in to one of the marshalls or logistics and they can get it to our ranger, Al. Thanks and have a great time gaming this weekend. Bring bug spray as they might be starting to get bad especially back on the trails. Also watch out for the ground bees in the parade field near where the tarped totem pole is laying, Thanks, Rob M.
  7. Workday April 28th 2018

    A huge thank you to everyone who helped out today. We got a whole lot accomplished with the weather mostly cooperating. We really appreciate how much KoN does for CK. I'm hoping after these 8 months or so it's feeling like home to you guys. Thanks again, Rob CK Camp Director
  8. Winter Bathrooms

    Hey guys, I hope you have a great feast weekend! Looks like there will be snow forecast and temps with wind chills down to around 0 at night and 20's during days. The buildings do get plenty warm though and were fine with the events scouts just had in Jan. There are latrines near each bldg. Check with Al when you guys check-in to make sure there is TP at each. It is in the metal locker closest to back door of kitchen back room if needed. There are also sleds and carts available to lug your stuff in. Carts are on trading post/office back porch. Sleds may be locked inside, ask Al if you need them and they are not on Trading Post/Office front porch. Please be careful if you use or cut through the Hornbeck bldg (the one off the parking lot with no garage doors) as the floor in there becomes a sheet of ice. Also remember the lake is spring fed with some very thin spots so there should be no one out on the ice. Have fun, Rob Mahardy CK Camp Director
  9. Huge CK Work Day Thank You!

    I just wanted to give a huge thank you to all those came out this past Saturday for the fall work day at Camp Kingsley. We really got a lot accomplished, such as, moving and repairing platforms, setting up campsites, clearing half of the ridge trail, spreading hay, moving industrial appliances, painting and more. Amazing Day! It was great to meet everyone, Rob M
  10. Kingsley Scout Camp Director

    Hello all. I just wanted to introduce myself, reach out and welcome the group to Camp Kingsley. I am Rob Mahardy and currently in my second stint as Camp Director at CK. I worked here from 1989-2000 in several roles then recently came back in the summer of '16. I was excited to hear recently that you were going to rent out the camp as your new home. I seem to remember way back that there was a SCA type group that came in annually. We also do themes for our summer resident scouts; one of my favorites was always knights which coincidentally I was already bringing back as the theme next summer. I think our facilities, campsites, woods, lake and stream will offer themselves up to you for some creative fun. I wanted to also offer my support to the GMs for things like encounter location ideas, resources of the camp, etc. There are trails both trodden and not so, clearings, outpost sites, and a couple old foundations.There are plenty of types of trees, plants and small wildlife (and of course insects.) and we're adjacent to lots of state land. Also the stars and end of summer meteor shower can sometimes be amazing with so little light pollution. As a couple of OOG notes: the cell service is sketchy for Verizon, a bit better for AT&T. There is a small market/gas station about 5-10 min north on Rt. 26 in West Leyden (usually they have decent subs). Please feel free to contact me at romahard@scouting.org for camp stuff or ramahardy@netzero.com for anything else. Again I wish you good gaming. And who knows, if my schedule allows, I'd love to maybe help out as an NPC some weekend in the future. I've never LARPed but did plenty of table-top RPG stuff "back-in-the-day", some of it in the very buildings you'll be using. Rob M