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  1. !!!!!

    If you couldn't tell... I'm so excited to join you people! My friends Leah and Ceilidh have been telling me so much about this group that I already feel like I know some of you. I even had the pleasure of meeting one other delightful LARPer, Kate, before attending my first event! I have always admired creative opportunities (despite having the creativity of a common ceiling fan) and I really look forward to getting into the LARP. I'll probably have lots of questions, so please treat me kindly and thank you for your patience with me! See y'all soon :D
  2. !!!!!

    Hey John! It was good to meet you too. Thank you very much for the best comeback I could have hoped for after "poisoning" you! I hopefully will be able to make it to the next game, so I'll see ya there.
  3. !!!!!

    Hi Maggie! When introducing me to LARP, your character was one of the first ones Leah showed me. Let me just say OMG your character's look is OP and your face paint is so incredibly badass and very impressive. Thanks for introducing yourself! :D