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  1. October Preproduction

    Tinkering ability: Changing Scales of Justice (Accessory) to Scabbard of Justice (Accessory).
  2. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A cloaked figure appears up to the board, his clothes and figure is identical to X'Nor. He takes down any old listings and tosses them away. He then pulls out a pamphlet and with a loud THUNK, hammers it to the board.
  3. August Preproduction

    Merchant Ability: Trading in: 1 - Elixir of Wisdom potion 1 - Anti-Magic Shield potion Receiving: 1 - Grounding wire 2 - Corruption potions
  4. Winter PC Shift Change

    If there is a shift that is severely lacking NPCs, how will it be attempted to balance/fill the shift or will you just roll with what we have?
  5. Balancing A Calimacil Sword

    If you know a good foamsmith you can have them cut out a circle portion and carefully drill out a small section on the bottom on the hilt then add a metal rod, length depending on how much you need it to be balanced, to the handle. Taking the cutout or whatever other material, cap it off. This way you are able to modify the balance without changing the aesthetics or handling of the weapon.
  6. In-game Looting

    So the rule for in-game looting is coin/potions/numbered items. However, there are some numbered items such as encampment items that are not lootable yet have nothing to differentiate them from other lootable numbered items. Concern if an NPC loots one of these more than if a PC loots one. If it gets returned to logistics they can ID it and see it's non-lootable and issue a "go put that back where you found it" but if it gets intercepted by another player in between that's where it can get a hassle. Can we do something simple as putting an "N" at the end of the number or similar to represent it as non-lootable?
  7. Wooden Armor

    Yea or nay on wooden armor. Looking more for cosmetically than mechanically. Any pieces, any style.
  8. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A black hooded figure approaches the board and pulls out a paper from his cloak, some wooden shavings fall to the ground. He pulls out a large wooden mallet and with one large THUNK, pins a poster to the board.
  9. August Preproduction

    Tinkering: Trap - Level 1 Total: 20 Coin due and I'll be using a production item.
  10. Trap Effect Placement

    So question in regards to identifying if a trap is armed with a spell or component, where is it supposed to signify? Wiki just reads it's supposed to be stated on the trap, does that mean you just write it on there or do you attach the scroll spell or alchemical component to it or inside. Also, do alchemical components need to be kept in the bottle when you arm one with it? Basically, how would you identify an item in a trapped chest that's part of the trap and not loot.
  11. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    I was going to suggest something similar along the lines of "It has to be witnessed by a constable, elder, or staff and documented." That way you can still RP it fine for the most part and still police it relatively fine.
  12. MVGC Policy on Emergency Services

    Can we have a list of who to contact and, if the personnel wants to, an available contact method as not all staff members might be at logistics or at the event at the time so to know who's available?
  13. Dual post for traps. Tried combing through the forums and wiki a bit and didn't find anything to specific to what I was looking at or if I did it was pretty old so just wanna make sure things are still relevant. Traps - I'm assuming the outside has to pass P&A but do the inside mechanical have to stay period? I know one part that is popular is the electronic buzzers only because it's sure way to tell a PC or NPC that a trap is set off but is the other components of the trap have to be period or can they be composed of modern materials as well up to a certain limit? Also, if anyone has a reliable link for the buzzers I'd appreciate that as well. Another question, if you have a level one trap are you able to upgrade it to the next level or do you need to make an entirely new trap all together?
  14. Puzzle Boxes

    Couple things: I take it 'explosive charges' won't be effective on these since they are generally a more complex lock and there is really no way to simply open it without having the owner or something that readily knows how to open it, opens it. Even though the tinkering items are numbered, they are not lootable (with the exception of the alchemist's lab) according to the wiki. Having it be able to be stolen might sound good for more time to solve but basically wraps the loot in a nice gift box for the looter. You're not gonna see these being used if a player can simply steal the whole container and walk off. It's a bit of a grey area all in all.