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  1. Lost and Found April Edition

    The lantern belongs to Angel Severson. Thank you for finding it!
  2. It's Joseph Weeg!!

  3. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Ceilidh Mitchell and I were thinking it would be fun to go out again as the NPCs Flora and Thorn, the good-for-nothing siblings of Liliana (Mary Weeg's NPC who turned PC when she married Paran). 1. Who’s going: Myself and Ceilidh as returning NPCs, going to find Mary Weeg and Chris Soukup (along with anyone they’re hanging out with). 2. What we’re planning on doing: Hopefully we'll surprise them, as they probably aren't expecting us to be back. Then we'll just tag along with them, wanting them to buy us stuff, show us around, maybe adopt us — just generally being nuisances. 3. Any history/important NPCs: At last September’s event Thorn (me), Liliana (Mary), and Flora (Ceilidh) — three poor, orphan siblings — went out with the intention of marrying Liliana off for money. Finally succeeding in marrying her to Paran. After that, Mary turned her NPC into a PC, and she and Paran have been adventuring together. The only NPCs required are Flora (Ceilidh) and Thorn (me). 4. What shift: Shift 2 would be ideal. Ceilidh is PCing 3-4 and Mary and Chris are PCing 2-3. I’m just NPCing so I’m free anytime. 5. Two weeks before game: Yep. 6. Disclaimer: Yep, sounds good. 7. You might turn this down: I guess that’s up to you. But you’ll have two little orphans crying if you do.
  4. It's Joseph Weeg!!

    Hello! Joseph Weeg here. I've been to a number of events (I'm the one with green hair) but am new to this website. Dave said it was the place to be if you want to submit a player initiated plot. Can't wait for the December event! That is all.