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  1. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Nashkarn starts crying and has to stop to catch his breath, as they continue on the path you can see the silhouettes of the two adventurers making absurd gestures and shouting "WHAAAAAAAAG" over and over in between laughs.
  2. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "I know right! He gets all mad and cute like he gets something out of screaming and yelling at people all the time."
  3. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "Like I said... opinionated. Now lets go find lord stick in his ass, or bad things, one of the two or both."
  4. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "Yet again, just because Micheal is all like 'I see dead people' doesn't mean we have to be freaked out all the time. Besides, remember that one time with the banshee and we totally took on all those skeletons by ourselves. OR! The time with the weird necromancer guy that had the tea and the circus and how he wanted to be best friends... Good times."
  5. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "Unnecessary danger is a rather opinionated statement." As he says this he gives a slight chuckle at Ash. "Well, I'll be here at POTATO TOWN!... when they arrive. You really have to stop saying Ghost Town, just because Micheal says it doesn't mean we have to. Besides, I like to say Potato Town just to spite him."
  6. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Nashkarn gives a half smile attempting to control his excitement over the simple yet profitable task, "Well, you see... absolutely! As long as they aren't annoying and know how to listen I am most definitely willing and able. Plus I need something to do, I get bored and when I get bored I get mischievous and it just all goes down hill from there."
  7. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Nash twists his face from mild frustration at the dumb question, "You should know my motto by know Ash, I do bad things to bad people and get paid for it so if one of those things are in the details I'm all about it."
  8. Nash Smash...

  9. Nash Smash...

    Hey everyone! My name is Lucas Loggins my character has been to two events as of last month and his name is Nashkarn. Just wanted to officially introduce myself on here and say that I am not a robot...... well that is exactly what a robot would say but moving on, can't wait to see you all for the December event!