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  1. Anatomy of a Tunnel Crawl

    Black cloak (clasp is broken), Halo T shirt.
  2. Anatomy of a Tunnel Crawl

    This was so much fun. Thanks to everybody who had a hand in setting this up, it shattered my nostalgia of our old school dungeon crawls by being 10x better than ever before. I did manage to forget about my cloak and T shirt next to the shed when I was playing one of the bosses though. if anybody finds them let me know!
  3. A question on poisoning

    Both players are affected by the poison.
  4. notice posted by neccero

    "Hehe, indeed, Miles." Scyriss walks towards Miles Assist the drunk, I call it. Scyriss Whispers I myself am interested in the limit of the Tree Wardens judgment. I assume you have seen the sign? surely he cannot seek to judge all consumers of wood.
  5. notice posted by neccero

    Scyriss retrieves Victors arrow "Do you honestly think all of the buildings in Pinedale were made from dead trees, or do you intend to punish home builders as well?" Scyriss hands Victor his arrow, and leans against a nearby tree. "Perhaps fire pits should be put out as well."
  6. Re: Conflict Resolution

    Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos aaaaaaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
  7. a flyer posted at all well traveled areas

    *Scyriss cackles maniacally*. Oh how fun.
  8. Sacred Truth Propoganda

    If I ever heard or read this in game, and had the ability to choke down my laughter. I would drop a NOOOOOOOO worthy of Vader in town. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. November Video

    I loved that it was there, haha I was psyched to see it. I wish I woulda stopped averting my eyes I was annoyed and not angry though haha. Great job man, really makes me want to start up the LARP videos again.
  10. FYI we beta tested that dungeon. at least 1 other party got difficulty cuts.
  11. A Walk In Pinedale

    Thein falls out've a bush in that area. Scyriss pops out, laughing uncontrollably. ' Dirty drunk, g-go clean up, you look like an... an orc! hahaha. Scyriss walks off into the woods after helping Thein up
  12. It doesn't have to be uncontrolled, and it doesn't need to fall like the log trap falling from a tree on a string. it could be an axe vlade at a 4ft level on a hinge, which can be weakly controlled by gravity or a motor or something. but yeah, from strings won't work.
  13. November Photos?

    Stunning bro, just stunning. I'm gonna rehost the pictures if I can push myself around to it, the forums have been struggling for me worse than ever before this week.