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  1. My wife and I just had a pretty heated argument / discussion about power points, magic, and magic objects/items. We kind of came to high agreement based on the wiki, but she insists that we get a rubber stamp on our understanding. Any player can have up to 20 power points (aka magic points) in a game day. Any player can cast spells using those points, providing they know the spell. The only way to stretch those magic points further would be to master a school, so the level five spells cost a little less magic to use. If a player has only "purchased" 5 power points with their experience, they can use consumables to restore their magic points when they run out, but only up to a total of 20 points. I have 5 power points, I cast revive and I'm out. I could take an elixir of cosmic power and restore my 5 points. I could do this three times before I've hit the max of 20 points in a game day). IN ADDITION TO THIS ANYONE can "activate" a magical object (clothes, encampment item, weapon, etc) with an incantation*. They do not need to have "purchased" power points with experience to use the items. However, they cannot activate magical objects in excess of 20 power points, period. If I have an encampment item I want to activate, but I've already activated my armor and jewelry to buff myself and others, for what would be 20 power points, that's it - I'm done. someone else would have to activate the item. The item does not use my personal supply of magic (power points), but I can only trigger up to 20 power points before I simply can't make magic items work until the new game day. *excluding items with specific caveats in their descriptions; prerequisite skills may apply (herbalism, read magic, etc).