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  1. Hey everyone!

    Hey I'm Ryan and im 25. I've been wanting to LARP for a long time now. The most I have done is played with a few friends with boffers so not too much experience here. I am looking at playing as a npc in the next session which I believe is the first weekend in may. My wife is looking to play as well and will be posting her own introduction soon.
  2. !!!!!

    If you couldn't tell... I'm so excited to join you people! My friends Leah and Ceilidh have been telling me so much about this group that I already feel like I know some of you. I even had the pleasure of meeting one other delightful LARPer, Kate, before attending my first event! I have always admired creative opportunities (despite having the creativity of a common ceiling fan) and I really look forward to getting into the LARP. I'll probably have lots of questions, so please treat me kindly and thank you for your patience with me! See y'all soon :D