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Found 2 results

  1. Dual post for traps. Tried combing through the forums and wiki a bit and didn't find anything to specific to what I was looking at or if I did it was pretty old so just wanna make sure things are still relevant. Traps - I'm assuming the outside has to pass P&A but do the inside mechanical have to stay period? I know one part that is popular is the electronic buzzers only because it's sure way to tell a PC or NPC that a trap is set off but is the other components of the trap have to be period or can they be composed of modern materials as well up to a certain limit? Also, if anyone has a reliable link for the buzzers I'd appreciate that as well. Another question, if you have a level one trap are you able to upgrade it to the next level or do you need to make an entirely new trap all together?
  2. Puzzle Boxes

    What is the ruling on puzzle boxes? I've seen a couple in game but don't see them listed as a tinkering item, or really see them listed much anywhere. If they're treated like any mundane boxes where you can bring in without any preproduction skills then are there any limitations on them?