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Tag bags

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I know I fill them with bird seed, but is there a standard size or a min/max size for these?

My guess is that they would simply fit in your hand, but you never know, there could be rules about it, so I figured I would ask.

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Beanbags are constructed of cloth and

birdseed so that beanbags lost during play will

break down and prevent unneeded liter in the

playing area. The size of the completed beanbag

should not exceed a tennis ball and should be no

smaller than a golf ball. Beanbags must be pliable

and soft to prevent injuring other players when

they are thrown. The material used to build the

beanbag should be soft, smooth, and a have a tight

enough weave that the birdseed does not spill out.

A cotton t-shirt is a great material for building

beanbags. Players are not permitted to use stiff or

non-biodegradable materials like leather, rubber,

plastic, tape, or foil. The material used to make the

beanbag can be of any color, but light and bright

colors are preferred, making them easier to find

after being thrown during play. The ends of the

beanbag should be sewn, tied shut with string, or

closed with cloth tape. Never close the beanbag

with staples, pins, plastic ties or tape.

Basically, if you can crank out 2"-4" square beanbags, that's about right.




Size: Roughly 2" by 4"

Material: Something biodegradable. Most people use cotton.

Contents: birdseed generally

Colors: Something light so you can find them, but that's not totally necessary, just preferred


Where I got my info

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I have found that making a 3"x3" square makes a good tagbag for man hands once it is finished. (Technically a 3"x6" rectangle, folded in half and seamed)

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The 4" ones are way too big for girl hands, IMO.

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I measured these two spackets which both work well for me personally. The lefthand one is 3in x3in & the one on the right is 2in x 4in. We used to flip the seams inside out, but it makes no difference flying through the air, on durability, or to the target, so we quit doing that.




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