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John Spencer

Buying some armor!

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Hey all,

I was originally looking for a piece of chainmail that was pretty good quality but being that those pieces are almost equivalent to the segmentata's, I am considering buying a segmentata instead.

This is what I have found so far:

Segmentata Corbridge Type B



Is this worth my time and money or do you guys feel that it is going to fall apart as soon as I bring it to game? My other thoughts were the type A from Soul of the Warrior.

I would like to get it in for April, which do you guys think is better quality. I know Soul of the Warrior has been recommended before but has anyone actually bought from them?


Please get back to me as soon as you can, I plan on making a purchase this Saturday.

Thanks guys and gals,


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TBH I'm not digging that review. I wouldn't buy armor from amazon. I'm sure that someone here would love to sell you theirs.

That Soul of the Warrior Hamata looks pretty boss, and their Lorica seems to be a better quality than the one from Amazon

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That is the standard Depeeka Lorica. The price is about average for that model. Every suit will have potentially loose rivets and bad leather straps. I've had to replace almost all of the straps on mine, and others, over the course of 5 years. SOTW is selling the same model lorica as the one on Amazon.


This armor will break and it will rust. It needs maintenance every event. If you don't want to worry about rust, spend the extra 100 or 150 and get the stainless version. My suit and Chris T's suit lasted over a year before I had to replace any parts.


Keep in mind that this is 16ga steel and about 35 pounds. You need good padding for this armor.


Overall I would say go with SOTW because I like supporting small businesses. He is slow and it can take a while to get your order. Email Rusty first to see what he has in stock. If he has it in stock you will get it in time for April. If not... it could be months. As a side note, almost all of my armor has been purchased through SOTW. I routinely deal with him.

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