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Best of May 2015

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I had to miss half of the event, so I want to know what I missed out on!


Here's what I think rocked in the first two shifts:


+First shift NPCs were energetic and eager as always. What an awesome shift to learn the ropes!

+Silk volunteering to be my dryad when we were low on lady NPCs. And what a lovely dryad she was! :D

+Lady Cecelia's dilemma with the lizard kingdom. NPCs handled that well for such a difficult situation.

+So much awesome food on shift 1 for Autumn!

+Autumn wandering in the woods with Ambrose and getting his story, which Amanda didn't know and feels privileged to have heard. :)

+Autumn wandering in the woods with Jason. They make the strangest of alliances.

+After getting back-hacked by a horde of orcs, Autumn got her moment of glory taking out a Chris Blake Ogre who downed, like, three PCs!


Now you go!

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-Raines got engaged to Baevynn! It's been a great way to put a new take on the PC and was originally one of the ideas on how to close out his story... eventually.

Friendsgiving was awesome. Chicken fajitas and great roleplay.

The Wraithfest down by the Graveyard was awesome.

A mobile puppet weed!? Madness.

Hanging out and RPing with my group is always fantastic. What an awesome group of people.

Undead Horde at the end of the night...Super brutal.




Working with my slightly insane new co-worker.

Manning the cheese forge! I bought extra bread... used another loaf and still ran out.

I do not burn everything, Leon...




Having awesome NPCs willing to do whatever I asked all weekend. Thank you all for your contributions to game.

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NPCing 1st and 4th shifts

- NPCing Buzzers at night was an unexpected surprise! I loved going to the Inn and being very intrusive at Julia's character, crawling behind someone on a bench just to crouch next to her with a :3 face

- Inexperienced bandits were hilarious. My character's name was Sleigh Bells because of jingly chain mail and got stupider as the night went on

- Leon trying to reason with the inexperienced bandits and then casting his sanctuary too far from his comrades. Whoops...

- Alex's bandit running like hell from Leon up the path after we were all dead...

- Sitting in logistics and having Nick Q look at me and go "... yeah I need you, you're perfect for this next thing." :D

- Getting to play a ghost for the first time! SO MUCH FUN

- The entire 'My Mom strangled me because Daddy's a high fae and bangs his children' plot was amazing. Oscar and Baevynn were wonderful and RPed my character into realizing that she was dead and needed to move on. Pat and Silk played their characters so well and we all rolled with plot things we each made up as we went along. It was perfect and awesome

- Messing with Marcus and Ryan in the Inn as a ghost. "Oh look at this soup... Let me just pull this bowl over so I can see what kind of soup it is.... Why is that man screaming? They're so funny! What if I pick up this pitcher... Look at them yelling and running around!" XD

- Using a spear for the first time was addictiiiiiiiiing.

- Getting fighting advice from Zach after he quickly killed off my skeleton during the last undead fight.

- Jimmy and Alex's old man NPCs. They looked so freaking hilarious I wish I could have seem them in their plots! (Jimmy took my dead skeleton's shield and put it on top of my corpse though...)


PCing 2nd and 3rd shifts


- The big thing for me was getting personal plot for the first time! I was so excited to hear John's innkeeper go, "Is there a Lorena in the Inn right now?" and just whipping around, eyes wide like "O____O ...me?" :D :D :D

- All the plot that came from that one NPC talking to me, even if what happened wasn't entirely intended by the GMs. Lori went into a hysterical fit (HUGE thank you to Guile for the amazing RP because he got me to cry, which I had been trying to do for the scene for ten minutes and couldn't do it. He pushed all the right buttons for Lori and made instant perfect RP scene) and Krod, Richard, Vincent, and Oz had to try to calm her down. Richard bit the bullet and allowed her to contact his brother in Vlean to help her. When Lori went to the Inn she told Jaroth, Marcus, the Brewmaster and Blake's PC (can't remember his name right now) about what happened, and they also reassured her that they would defend her if need be and they would never let anyone come and take her from Pinedale. Marcus even offered to teach her resto magic things as well. Lori and Krod had a pretty deep conversation about the parallels of their lives, the big theme being letting go of the past and focusing on having a new life in Pinedale. Blake said he would keep an eye out in his travels for her father. Vincent brought her Bun Wizard buns. You guys are amazing and Lori has awesome friends <3


- Random dead body at the Temple with only one eye, no spark, and no clues. What is up with this?

- Having 13 power for the first time and being able to Heal Mortal Wound a BUNCH of people between my two shifts without using the charges in my wand. Lori even got to save Micah and the Temple Guards. Hooray for not being useless!

- Also having my pretty new sword with me and my shark mail. Hooray for being less squishy!

- Krod being able to understand the random bog lurker that kept creeping around the Temple. Hooray for the fancy helmet of understanding languages!

Lori: When the hell did you learn to do that!?

Krod: I dunno... I guess I just picked it up

Lori: *blinks at him like she isn't sure if she wants to hug him or slap him, and grabs him by the gambeson to give him a kiss*

- Being told by Baldisere that he didn't realize Krod and Lori were together. Makes me feel better to know that apparently we're not too obnoxious with PDA when we're in character, which we try to keep to a minimum.

- The violin/ cello duets! I didn't mind the bugs at all, I just sat there and listened for a while and I'm totally bringing my violin next game!

- Getting blunted down by Julia and Dave Morgan's simple-country-folk-bandits after they stole the Temple's money. Did NOT see that coming.

- Getting blunted down after being feared by a Bag Man, and waking up and yelling "BAEVYNN! You are here today!" (Not being on shifts 3-4 for the first time was a little weird at first. "Where are all my friends...?!"

- Getting approached by the pregnant NPC woman and being like "Nope... don't like kids... don't really want kids... can't help" Then getting flagged down by Vincent to go help her, and getting Baevynn and the fae-kin lady (don't know her name). Then finding out almost immediately after we dropped character to go NPC, that the pregnant lady was a hag and put her monster baby into the fae-kin I had pawned her off on. OOPS I SO SORRY THAT MY FAULT.


Overall this was an amazing game, and I felt like there was a good balance of "Oh god all the things are coming, go kill all the things!" and peaceful time in town when we could role-play without worrying about getting killed. I loved it and can't wait for June!

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Had a great time with new friends and killing many things.

First shift was going great until the last wave of undead came to town and reaped Flint. A huge thank you to Ritcher for reviving me.

Second shift was quite fun, Had a great time fighting orcs and cyclops' and helping buzzers!

Had a situation with the gilded fields and a few reptilians.

Tried to talk a gorgon out of eating someone, didn't quite work out though.


Inn Shift:

Had a lot of fun being able to relax as the innkeeper.

Had a lot of RP with various people.

Learned a little more about what not to do with certain foods.



I had fun being a lead NPC playing a stinging nettle and rot harvenger being escorted to carinholde (however it is spelled)

I caused some havoc at the inn being a drunken necromancer.

Playing yet another rot harvenger and becoming abominated with enchant weapon and a bunch of other buff was ridiculous. I helped take out a few people!

The most fun was being the dellin zombie and harassing the townsfolk and innkeepers. Ryan's innkeeper fed me and Leah's innkeeper killed me before returning for the final town raid. Had a ton of fun messing with people this event!

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- The Violin & Cello

- Lots of good RP with Pat and AJ all weekend. The Inquisitor and McFathom will always be two of my favorite characters to RP with.

- The Violin & Cello

- Fought Chris Blake the entire weekend it seemed. Every encounter I went on with my PC, it seems Chris Blake was able to find me and we had epic fights.

- The Violin & Cello

- Running Logistics with Chris and Maggie GMing and Rachel as Make-up is always a blast. It's awesome to see how well we all work together. It's like a machine to watch everyone just synchronize and go.

- The Violin & Cello

- Did I mention the Violin & Cello??? This was my most favorite thing of the entire event. It adds so much, and makes Pinedale feel like an actual town when things like that take place. Also -- my dad used to play the Violin for Dren and I, and I remember just sitting forever listening to him when I was younger. It certainly brought back some awesome memories. I could sit and listen to those two play for an entire event and never grow bored of it. Kudos to the Heller gals!

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Random thoughts and remembrances:


How do you tell an Earth Elemental from a brownie? ROCKS!


"You want to be a horrible person?"

"Can I do it as an elf? These ears took forever to put on."

"Sure, so you're the companion of this High Fae..."


Amanda, maybe we could bring back that Dryad again.

"She's just.. really bad at being a Dryad."

"That's perfect, because I have no idea how to be a Dryad!"

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Had so much fun this event that I don't even know were to start!


Shift 1 - Inn Keeping


Had a really great time playing Chris T's, um, really interesting new coworker. Tons of really... Intriguing conversations with the townsfolk and making sure no sandwiches were singed. And, of course, getting pretty things from Artemis. Such a gent.

Also, when the Inn got raided by Nox followers and their leader started yelling at me to make them food. We ran out of everything, so we had no food. Then they killed a PC, cut off his arm, and threw it at me telling me to cook it. Which I did. And served it to their leader in a sandwich. Who then took a huge bite without even saying thank you. RUDE.

Most fun ever.


Shift 2 - NPC


Of course my Saturday started with Orcs! Had a super fun time going out with our group and accidentally creating a signature laugh with AJ. It was basically repeated every single time we even made eye contact this weekend.

Was a hook for a "my sister is dead pls halp kthx" plot that involved a super drunk Brownie and Elementals.

Did a really sad plot in which I had been impregnated by an old hag (I guess there were a lot of hag plots this event!) and I had to die so the Inquisitor and Titus could cut me open, take my demon baby out, and revive me. I fake-cried and whined so much that I actually started sobbing for real!


Shift 3 & 4 - PC


Drea got a sweet Goblin Iron/Nature axe as a present from Titus! She also bought an Elven Steel axe from Ivan and had it delivered by courier mail!

Drank a lot of Red Thunder. A lot. So much that she told her life story to Titus as they walked aimlessly around Pinedale (best RP experience I've had so far, thanks, Nick!). She also got to know a lot about him and she's very happy to call him a friend.

Can't count how many times I was looking for Dren but he was always gone, so I called him shady. Hehehe.

It was all fun and games until a man walked up to myself, Naidre, Dren, Titus, and others at the Inn and said "Hey, wanna watch me kill a Minotaur?" After killing off some random bandits and starting to battle the Minotaur, we were happy it was almost dying, when it healed itself. Heart-drop moment number 1. Continued fighting with him. Decided to dodge downwards since Chris Blake is like twice my height. Lost my balance. Dropped Goblin Iron/Nature axe. Picked it up, Chris took a step forward... Axe broken! I seriously wanted to cry. Heart-drop moment number 2. On our way back to town, we got attacked by friends of the bandits we killed. Stupidly threw my functional axe at the bandit, who grabbed it and started to take off with it. But he got murdered by Dren, who came back fuming and warned me not to do that ever again. Heart-dropping moment number 3. Lesson learned.

Got poisoned by some guy with a drink from the Brewmaster!

Witnessed a demon hag baby being taken our of yet another maiden at the temple!

GoST had a meeting! With an odd self-invited guest! That old man was hysterical, and he magic-locked our cabin door from the outside with us in it. Yay. Lol.

Accidentally scared one of those mushroom-people and got stunned and poisoned. Again.


That about sums up my experience. Tons of lessons learned the hard way. But still had a ton of fun!


I also absolutely loved the violin/cello duo. Please make a comeback!!! I had goosebumps the entire time y'all played. Beautiful!

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-My Shift 1 NPCs were amazerling! Great job, great flow, and I especially thank you all for your patience at the end--much appreciated!


-Thank you to my new NPCs who jumped right into the thick of things like they'd been playing for years! Thanks!




--Waking up at 7 and cooking/fire-tending for 5 hours was fun but seemed a bit much...until Arbor was given a packet of cinnamon bun icing, and the game "OH YEAH!" was born. (Sophia's response of "Oh YEah? Oh, no." was priceless!) Thank you Kat, you made it totally worth it!


--Walking with Autumn was great; it was really neat to see echoes of past friends, mixed with the new.


--Making up terran names around the fire: Onyx Stonecrusher, Sapphire Bloodsmith, Moonstone Emberglow, and evidently Rocky the Metalman.


--Serious kudos to Flint for taking the Rocky the Metalman plot so seriously. It's the sign of a great plot (and player) that, even if the origins were less-than-serious, the RP that leads from it could be very serious.


--Ulysses, wow man. You blew me away.


--Sitting around the fire, talking with Tobias, Oz and Brewmasta about The Before Times of Pinedale.


--Solid nighttime tactical with McFathom, Leon, Saul, Sebastian and Fe Da Butcher. Solid crew if there was ever one!


And thank you all! When the survey comes up, be sure to fill it out--It is super helpful for us GMs to know how things are going!

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It felt great to be back at game, which made me equally bummed, knowing that it'll be a while until I'm back again. :(

It also took me to get back into the swing of playing McFathom again, but I had plenty of help, and it was wonderful.


+Made a new best friend in Camila. :)


+Even as a random NPC delivering that sweet leftover food from VK, I had to stop and listen to the stringed Heller Duo. It was so refreshing to hear a pair of pros at it. How were there not 50 people standing there with me?!?


+Finally got a kick ass Septon plot. Huge thanks to Bryan, Jimmy and Pat for getting that going!


+RP interaction with Amanda's Niece of Lord Whatshisface. I enjoyed her greatly.


+"Why is JC wearing that silly hat?" "Oh shit, he's a crazy wizard." "What is he doing?!?" "Oh no, if I don't stop laughing at him and Leon, Imma gonna pee." Really, I haven't laughed that hard at game since Dave H. told the story of Lord Iga's wedding night as Lord Wei.

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Also Lori at the Inn:


Lori: I can't gamble, I don't have any money

Titus and an NPC throw coins into the pot for her

Titus: Now you do!

Lori walks away with like 50 coin xD That was magical

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Late to the party here, but I had a lot of fun in May running all over with The Butcher & his team, including going out to the Sluice Gate with all of the newly minted Explorers of Pinedale. Check out the new photos by Steve, if you haven't seen them already!



May 2015 Photos




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