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Tony McHambone

Post Move Sale

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Hey people,


So I'm post move and looking to start saving up some money. I'm gonna be selling some things that I just don't use anymore. So please message me on here or on FB if you're interested. I'm on the forums daily, but I'll respond much quicker if I have PM notifications or FB messages.


All prices are the average prices I see from eBay. They ARE negotiable, but please keep in mind my prices are not going to cost any shipping..etc.




- Gameboy 3DS - $100

- 3DS Ocarina of Time remastered - $35

- 3DS Pokemon X - $25


Nintendo 64 w/ 1 Controller and Expansion Pak (This works) - $40

- 2x N64 Controllers - $10 each

- MANY N64 games - $10 each (Ask me what you want, and I probably have multiples)


- Star Wars Edge of the Empire Core Book - $40

- Sons of Fortune expansion - $25

- Edge of the Empire Dice set - $10


- Turtle Beach headset - $40 (Can be used for PC, PS4, XboX...etc)


- Randy Moss Authentic Autographed Jersey - $200


I have 2 shields and 2 steel helmets for sale too, if anyone wants to discuss prices and get pictures, PM Me.

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