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JC's custom order workload, update

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Hey, everyone. Jenica speaking as Agincourt Arms' business manager, here.


Justin is finally almost healed from his series of hand and arm injuries, and Kyle is in Potsdam to help us get the shop back in order so we can start fresh. But before we start making stock to sell in the storefront, JC is going to focus on finishing and delivering any outstanding orders. SO.


If you placed an order with Justin in the last 18 months and have not received that item, but you still want it, fill out a Custom Order conversation on Etsy. I will use these requests to make sure he prioritizes outstanding orders before we move on to new stuff. If you don't fill out the form, I make no guarantees about when you'll get your orders!


Please do not reply to this thread. If you have any questions that aren't about buying something, message either of us here, or on Facebook.



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